Lucifuge rofocale

Could anyone give me some insight on lucifuge rofocale, what’s his Abilities ? How to work with him? Is him and Azazel close? Any info would be much appreciated!


Evoke him.[quote=“Santana, post:1, topic:15455”]
Is him and Azazel close?

I think so, I never bothered to ask.


he can help you go deeper inside yourself.
he can help you with magick and he can help you with wealth or money.

Yes him and Azazel are very close.

He tends to have the attitude, I will do this for you if you do that for me. but if you manage to form a bond with him , he is a great one to have in your corner.

But dont cross him.


He also has strong manipulative abilities as well now that I think of it


Ive also been interested in getting to know this dude for quite some time. Its my understanding that he’s all about excess, whether it be material wealth, personal power, or an excessive supply of Moroccan tomato soup.


In the Goetia he’s known as Focalor.


I dont think they are the same …

but Ive never evoked Focalor so I could be wrong.


Yea I dont know for sure cuz I’ve never evoked either. Their sigils are the same though and Focalor is definitely an anagram for Rofocale minus the E so it would seem to me that they are either the same guy or two slightly nuanced aspects of the same entity. He’s been called Lucifer’s twin and Lucifer has many masks so I’d imagine the same would be true for Lucifuge.


It is possible.

but Ive never used a sigil to contact Lucifuge.
I was under the impression he didnt have one.

but you are right they can have many masks.


I’ve heard that theory somewhere


The idea that Lucifuge = Focalor mainly comes from JoS, which is false.

Contrary to popular belief the Rofocal(e) from Lucifuge’s name isn’t an anagram for Focalor. No, it’s derived from Reficul, which is Lucifer spelled backwards. And as you know, Lucifuge is the “dark twin” of Lucifer.

Lucifuge is great to work with, by the way. He comes off as an introvert, his energy is strong yet reserved. He doesn’t overwhelm you. He’s also really polite and honest, but he will (usually) ask something in return. Not necessarily always.

Also, Lucifuge doesn’t only help with obtaining wealth. He can also share secret knowledge with you. The darker side, if you will.


True as I was working with him on the Skull of Lucifuge and some other things.
He does share hidden knowledge with you.

and is a good teacher.


I believe he’s also saturnian and mercurial


There is an invocation and seal for all the big guys in Waites book Ceremonial Magic. There are seals for him in several grimoires if I’m not mistaken, Black Pullet, Ars Goetia, and others. Perhaps I’m mistaken though.

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Came across this a while ago,



This might prove useful.

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Hi, could you please elaborate on what you meant by Manipulative Abilities?

Can make someone do what you want.

Thanks again!

Thank so much for that glorious info. However, can I get the enn for Lucifer? I would like very much to start a deeper work with him, seeing that I’ve already started a to work with Lucifuge Focalur about some 7-8 days now. Thanks in abvance.!