Lucifuge Rofocale

To all my BALG family:

Lucifuge Rofocale is calling you! He wants you to come to him. He wants you to work with him. Don’t be shy. Come to him. He will help you. He will show you the way. Do not turn your back on such a beautiful spirit.

Call him. Contact him. For those that are new, he is a great spirit to work with.

As he reveals to me more I will enlighten you!

Blessings to all


Funny, I started working with Lucifuge 2 days ago. And, yes, he’s amazing. What I like about him is that he’s not suited just for material things (i.e. wealth). Or pacts. He also has quite a lot of knowledge to pass onto you, and reveals (dark) secrets.

His personality is interesting too, I must say. Unlike most entities I worked with, Lucifuge strikes me as an introvert. He’s reserved, but very powerful.


He is one of the spirits I’ll get to eventually. I just got my copy of awakening lucifer and plan on evocations of those spirits one by one



Would appreciate your help :slight_smile:

3 questions:

  1. What kind of offering does he like/take?
  2. Also, I don’t use triangles and protection circles in much the same philosophy as Baal Kadmon. Is it safe for a relatively new magician to evoke him this way?
  3. Lastelty, looking to write a kind of “house rules” for spirits i the form of a pact. I was thinking of asking Lucifuge to essentially re-inforce what I was writing so that if anyone disobeys the rules…he takes care of them…something to this effect: “By entering this home you agree and are bound to these rule,. Should you attempt to break any of these rules…you will deal with Lucifuge”…its just an idea.




Warning: I am new to all of this

Is Lucifuge the same as Lucifer? (I thought I read that somewhere on here. Just wanted to make sure."

He could be an anagram of Focalor some say. Others say darker aspect of Lucifer.

But he is the infernal prime minister under Lucifer.


Alright. Thank you for your knowledge. :slight_smile:

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He likes wine and sweets.

I don’t use such things as triangles and protection circle’s.

You would have to ask him if he agrees to be a body guard. These beings strongly encourage you to do things yourself.

The Prime Minister of Hell is very busy to say the least.


Thank you for that tip.

Warmest regards,


Not at all, they are different entities:

  • Lucifer - Light Bringer
  • Lucifuge - Who shuns light.

I have a friend who likes to turn off his light if he will call Lucifuge at night, and shut the curtains and windows, make the room dark if it’s day.

Why don’t you call Samael for this? Or call Satan in the hour of Mars.

They will do well, even more than you’d imagine.

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