Lucifuge Rofocale

I have a message for all. And only those who hear, will listen.

"The sake of a Pact is returned in your favor not mine. Appreciate what we do for you. But don’t expect nothing in return. Work for it & I will promise you your guaranteed success. Spread the light you seek from the darkness of your slumber. Awaken yourself. I am Lucifuge Rofocale. The voice of the experience, the powerful in wisdom and the light in those that wish to seek power in darkness. I am Lucifuge Rofocale. Hear my calling and answer to me as I will answer to you.


Thank you


Thanketh you


Message received. Thank you.


Call upon him. He will come. He will be there for you. He will position you where you want to be. All that there is, is for you to walk it. For you to take the steps to walk the path.

I hear by make an all call… To Lucifuge Rofocale

Seek him. Follow him. Have your real manifestations come to full fruition.


Up until now I’ve been relatively reserved as far as actually performing rituals. The main reason being lack of the basic tools. I’m in a position where coming by anything beyond a basic white candle is really difficult, nevermind anything else.
I have been planning a ritual to work with a specific demon - I have his sigil up on my wall and I redraw it often, sometimes in my own blood and sometimes in black ink. I meditate on the sigil often. But beyond that I am loathe to perform an actual invocation/evocation because they all seem to call for varios tools.

So my question is: does it really matter? Will Lucifuge Rofocale be offended that I do not have black candles. What about the offerings. Whiskey and chocolate are recommended. I can lay them out during the ritual, but then what. Do I just leave them there for 24 hours and then pour them out. Do I eat the chocolate and drink the whiskey as a part of the ritual. I’m really stuck here and have posted this question on another thread as well. But that thread is 2 years old and no answers seem to be forthcoming. Once I make my request, how do I know what it is that he will then require of me if I can’t hear him.

Please help. This is the ultimate jumping off point and I’d really like to do it right.


After 24 hours, you offer them to nature. I wouldn’t even wait 24 hours. 12 hours is enough. For example, if you make your offering tonight, then the next night, you pour the whiskey as an offering to your ancestors (called a libation) and leave the chocolate for the animals.


What a lovely idea - the libation specifically.
Thank you kindly

I bet hes realy strong as a diety… nice messege friend ,)


Sound like not a bad idea apart from giving chocolate to animals. Be careful! I would not suggest this as giving chocolate and not just chocolate but a lot of different foods can make some animals really sick- think animal food poisoning style. Please do not do this. Because of this reason I would not give any food for an animal unless it says on the packaging it is designed for that animal for example ‘bird food’ or ‘dog food’ so forth.

I know this post is old but felt the need to comment. Please respect the animals. They have done no harm to you.