Lucifuge rofocal?

Im so intrigued by him can any of you tell me more i really feel attracted to him :slight_smile: i really want to know everything about him care to comment all you know about him ? .

He isnt one that I’ve evoked or worked with yet, but you can find information about him in different grimoires. If memory serves me correctly, there is information about him in both Grimoire Verum and also The Crossed Keys. My favorite go to grimoire is Book of Sitra Achra and he’s written about in there as well. Generally speaking, the grimoires are just notes so to really know what a spirit specializes in and commands you have to work with them and ask them yourself.

thankyou i will look into him further:}

terry. Most of the questions that you pose to the forum have been answered before you asked, if you’d just try a Forum Search or a Google Search.