Lucifuge message to me in my dream

Hey everyone
When I dream it’s usually an alternate reality with many different parts that just randomly jump to another

One of thoes was lucifuge and me by my back door
As of recently I’ve been desperately trying to make pacts with spirits I thought/felt where calling to me

And in the dream lucifuge straight up laughed at me about trying to get possessed :man_facepalming:t4:🥲 but his exact words was…
you need to know what’s inside of you first before u try possession and idk what that means

When he says inside idk if he means spirit or like maybe referring to me or if I have a spirit already inside of me I hate riddles :sob:

Soo… any opinions are welcomed thanks

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As within so without.
What do you identify as.
It’s the fundamental base for all magick.
The first gateway is know thyself. So if you want to change the world around you you must first change yourself.

Example: in boot camp we started calling ourselves Marines before we even graduated so that subconsciously we were able to make it through. If you identify with what your trying to accomplish then that’s half the “magic”. The rest is just doing it.


Idk what I identify as yet I feel like I never knew myself after I discovered magick is real.

I’m learning who I am now I guess

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Since Lucifuge was helpful enough to dream contact you, and you have shared some gems with the group, ill add to it. How I understand it, you need to know your soul, meaning your previous incarnations astral, and physical, animal, human, monster etc, knowing your connections with people, places, worlds, knowing, your former roles, titles, dark job descriptions. It may take awhile to figure it all out, I suggest watching alot of anime and waiting to feel nostalgia or kinship in/with the characters, places etc and use that as a link to figure out who your connected to and what your soul history is. You can also go through a list of names of gods and demons, and see what names feel suprisingly good to you, like you know them or have worked with them before.


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