Lucifer's sigil

Hi, so I read that the commonly used Lucifer’s sigil is only for Asia. I am from Asia but wanted to know if others from other continents faced any issue or just got an egregore instead of lucifer


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Can I ask you how you come to this conclusion? This sigil is originated from Grimoire of Truth published in Italy in the 16th century. Some call it the Lord of the wind, some Sigil of Satan, but that is all stuff derived at a later moment.

This is the Sigil of Lucifer and you can use it when you want. Of course there are egregores but not with this Sigil.

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In the book Lucifer and the hidden demons - the author -Theodore Rose mentioned the current widely used sigil of lucifer as that of for Asia specifically. I’m not sure tho hence asked here

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I and many with me use that Sigil for years, I am in Europe.

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Ok. So that info is untrue I guess

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Nope, it states that the Sigil comes from Asia. But it can be used everywhere so don’t worry. They use it in Europe, US etc… In most groups I know they use this one, not the one that comes from Europe :wink:

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You can use the wrong sigil to connect to the right entity. You can also use the wrong names to connect to the right entities too.


Energy is what’s important i assume?

Intention mostly.



Yes @Nomad is absolutely right. I can call Lucifer without a Sigil just by thought.
With that thought and intend you can easily create your own Sigil for him.

Only for beginners I advise always to use the known sigils of the spirits to avoid pretenders.


and that isn’t even his real name, but works.

Irs interested bcse in 1985 carl nagel in his book. Nit rwmember hw put names of demons to cities and continents, and its a few more seals i see one for Lucifer in a book from the old times,origen forgeten. And its the same to call him. But i tnk v. K. Jehanun has another and work i gess difrent tastes,