Lucifer's invocation ritual, for protection

I came home as fast as possible, the help did already start. A protection ritual was necessary, though, I was being attacked by the same person, an ex of mine, trying to harm me. I contacted Lucifer. His Sigil, huge, all around me, everything just vanished while reciting his Enn in my mind.

When arriving home, I began a potent ritual invoking Lucifer and Satan, to protect myself from the attack and revert the situation back to my convenience. She already submitted into my conditions. I had an image that I never had before, during the ritual, an image that looked like a dream but while being absolutely awake. I visualized both of them, her and her couple, in their home, right there in that very moment, under full light, with their faces worried thinking of me. The vision was so clear. There was concern and grief in their eyes.

“Save them for a while, I will take care of you”, Lucifer said me during a moment, referring to His sigil and what I asked, both pieces of paper still covered with some drops of my fresh blood.

“Talk about this”, was the second thing Lucifer said me.

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer, thanks Father.

Ave Lucifer!

Ave Satanás!


Great work! Thanks for sharing!