Lucifer's Alchemy, beginning to rebuild self

Like many along the path, I have a lot of unresolved issues and sorrows to deal with to ascend. For me, these issues manifested themselves as depression, apathy, and then anger. Now, making strides and practicing occultism has left a mark and made improvements, but there is work to be done. We come as we are to get where we want to be.
Rebuilding of self isnt as easy as it seems, but its also not as hard as we tend to think. Our thoughts and actions leave residual energy within us, (why mantras and affirmations are important. You need enough of them to drown out your daily self criticism). So i asked the Lightbringer for some advice on what to do.

  1. Lay down, relax, get into a state where you are receptive to energy. I lay down with my left hand facing my feet, and right hand towards my head. As above so below.
  2. Bring your sorrows to critical mass. All the pain, all the shit you wont like thinking about, betrayals, loss, disappointment, wrongdoing, feel it all flow throughout your being. You will feel the negativity envelope you, particularly around your chakras

With the negativity reaching critical mass, it should be solid enough for even inexperienced energy workers to manipulate.

  1. Place your left hand over your root chakra. Focus on all the negativity you hold, that is within that chakra’s domain. Had a decent amount of heartbreak, and hardship with basic necessities of life, aso my root chakra had a lot to do with that. With your left hand, grasp the energy, and pull it out. What you will visualize is personal, for me the energy was toxic and pus-yellow.

  2. When you have the chakra’s negativity/poison in your hands, FUCKING BURN IT. During this tutorial, i got some advice on breathing, and moving energy from root to throat and out. ‘The black fire rises to your need, breathe it out into the world, and make your mark’ in essence, gather the black fire and breathe it out, burning your negativity, reducing it to the dark matter of the Void and returning the energy to potential.

  3. After doing so, your chakra may be a little ‘off’. Place your left hand back at starting position, and your right hand upon the chakra. Now, breathe life into your chakra.

This part is the hardest for me to describe. For me, it’s buildup is similar to bringing the black flame forward and blowing it out, however when the energy reaches your throat, you switch from the caustic burning flame, and let out a cooling breeze.

Physically, breathe out the flame like youre trying to fog a window, and then breathing life is like trying to cool off your soup.

Repeat this with every chakra.

Now, you are ‘reset’. The affirmations, next steps, etc are for you to decide. Now it is a matter of your mind controlling the habits and emotions your body will try to swing you back into, which is what you are used to. If youre like me, your body has recognized the depression and angst as ‘normal’ and will try to return to that.

But the mind is the state of DOING and the body is the state of what youve BEEN DOING. Even if it is uncomfortable, the body will follow the mind, the old habits will die off or be burnt, and you will be closer to… whatever it is you desire


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This is actually a really useful post! Well done!

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I dont mind at all, feel free


very good,should be repeteaded if yes how many times


It should be repeated whenever you start to feel stuck or trapped by your self.

When working through this, I advise to focus on each individual chakra until it is completely reset before moving to the next.

Some chakras may be more affected than others, and take more time


Personal gnosis regarding black flame & incantations:

When i first began, I said hymns and mantras and spells, to no avail. Just saying these things doesnt work. It is about the energy you place behind the sound, similar to when you are meditating(classic style) and you vibrate the Om.

Now, Ive learned that when chanting enns, vibrating names, repeating hymns, or giving tasks to familiars, you need to speak with power, with energy, with authority.

Similar to breathing the black flame, it all starts with your root chakra. Build the energy at your base, and bring it through each chakra, each chakra adding to it, until it reaches your throat. Then, release that energy through the words you speak. It WILL alter your voice, and you might think youre just being crazy at first, and just growling and its coming out deep but scratchy and weak and youre just throwing your sanity down a hole.

This is not so.

As you practice, the growls will become solid to your own ears. Then they will begin to make an imprint in the astral. With a little willpower and practice, your Voice can shake the Astral, becoming a very potent tool in your arsenal. After learning the technique, you can banish with it alone. You can summon with it alone. You can fine tune it, shift it from the deep growl it starts at into a commanding or very* suggestive tone other people have difficulty resisting.

Ive found that the growls that shake the astral, are very useful for infernal incantations or letting unbounds know you arent to be fucked with. Sometimes, an unbound spirit may even be inclined to quit their shenanigans and try to be friends. That is the power of your voice.

I share this, as sound can play a part in the breathing of fire or life found in the tutorial above.

Thanks to Lucifer for the advice freely given.


I’m seeing a lot of parellels between a lot of chakra manipulating meditations. A lot of purging and clearing and charging. It’s all pretty interesting to be honest…

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