Luciferian rituals

Hi balgers!
My biggest problem, when I perform a ritual for Lucifer is find a balance between His aspects.
I mean, when I call Him “Morning Star” and “Dark Lord” it seems I’m referring to two entities at the same time.
How can overcome this?


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You should check out Kendall’s threads. Maybe you can find the answer there.

But also, remember that these are just titles given to a spirit. Each spirit (just like each person) can have multiple titles at the same time.

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There is no overcoming it , take them as they are , Yahweh is known as a righteous and merciful God , but also a punisher , as is quoted by the Bible and a variety of other sources , so take him as he is

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If it feels confusing for you, then just call upon saying ‘Mighty Lucifer’.
Saying titles really doesn’t matter in my opinion I guess.