What are the mysteries behind Lucifer?
Im think every advanced magician like E.A. has some powerful thing to say or to keep in secret.
Even DePrince uses Lucifer’s Sigil on his website, and DePrince is also a extremely powerful magician.

I feel very drawn to Lucifer as he is depicted in Mark Alan Smith’s books. I have had a brief astral experience with him in my sleep before and I believe he is a very ancient deity that transcends both the Christian mythos and the angelic/demonic dichotomy.

hmm i dont think its about satanism ou luciferism and stuff around we see.
I can be wrong, but christianity wont work and satanism came because of it, so what is the sense?

About Lucifer, by what i know of satanism… it wont be a source of knowledge about it.

“too much devil mainstream”

There is no devil…i want the real deal. (or there is not?)