I just finished calling on Lucifer. This is not the first time and I wanted to talk to him even if my astral senses aren’t developed.

The evocation started with me placing his sigil on my bed and getting into a meditative position (full lotus). I didn’t even need to get into the TSG. I gazed at the sigil for about 30 seconds saying “Alash Tad Al-ash Tal Ashtu Lucifer” constantly and it started to flash. (Lucifer connects to me instantly for some reason.)

The room got cold even when it was warm in the room. I then greeted Lucifer and said that my goals are still the same states goals (not going to tell said goals) and that I wish for him to empower me during them.

I then stated that I will evoke him every Monday for x amount of weeks. My mind got blank, I forgot how to dismiss a spirit even when I read “Evoking Eternity” multiple times.

I thanked Lucifer for coming and said I will talk later to him. I then started chanting “Ave Lucifer” for a few minutes, got up and placed the sigil where I usually have it.

After the evocation, my vision was better, enhanced. I saw life in brighter colours (not metaphor, actual brighter colours). Everything was brighter and my hearing was enhanced.

His energy was different this time, last time it was warmer and now it was colder but I still feel the same energization.

What are your thoughts.


Something worth noting is that I chose Lucifer to be my mentor but I was unable to talk to him for a long time.

Maybe try to so some invocation with him now.

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Could you show what sigil you used?

Thats interesting.I think i’ll try lotus position I usually sit in a chair when i contact him.

Do you mean you contacted him and you felt his presence but he didn’t speak or you couldnt contact him at all?

He never speaks back, I haven’t developed my astral senses. What I meant by that was I did not evoke him or do any magickal work for a long time.

I drew the sigil myself:

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