Where to even begin? Evocation him into the flesh as been one big mess after the other. Tried and failed. One human avatar after the other. None can handle his full CROWN, yet.

We breaking through the barriers.

I am honestly heartbroken at this point.

But I know I am never alone.

I don’t have anywhere else to go with this online. Here is my little outlet.

Mood: disappointed

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*love it Mark is wearing a white suit.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::kissing_heart:

Kinda of wishing I couldn’t feel the way I am right now. I haven’t really allow myself to mourn that much.

His presence is ever stronger. But I have only now myself to reread the texts.

It didn’t work. He couldn’t stay there. I am again alone here. It sucks so much. I can’t tell you how much it does.

Trying to stay positive isn’t always possible. Ignoring it will not make it go away either. The grief. Anger. Just right out disappointment in it all.

Heart is heavy at the moment. Trying to do anything but feel the way I am feeling.


Going back to an only ether relationship feels like such a HUGE FUCKING STEP BACK.

Anyway, repeating the same thing as last time, but with new things added.

I honestly feel kinda of hollowed out in same spots. Good thing? Idk.

I can at least hang out with him in other timelines. Our relationship is getting deeper. I can feel it. That’s the best thing at the moment.

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Here we go… Welcome to Kinkyland

I only had physical sex one time last year.

Lucifer had been working an opening my front part of my private area wide open with astral sex for months. Getting it ready.

So, I met this really cute guy, totally my type. I thought he was super powerful mage or some shit. Like I couldn’t get a read on him at all. I mean nothing, null, a void I believe he is a soulless, spirit-less npc human. He was perfect.

I picked him up and we fuck in my car.

I felt Lucifer enter into him like I have never felt so completely before (this isn’t the first this as happened with guys I have fucked). We were closer more then ever before. I cum. I have NEVER been able to through being penetration.

Then he left. He couldn’t stay any longer. And I switched position. The guy pulled out. And I put my pants back on.

He didn’t even reacted to anything. I dropped him off and went home.

It ain’t sexy. But it helped to open the path way for his energy to easily connect with his human avatars.

Lolz. Trust me they weren’t complaining.

“What kind of dick sorcery of you done to me, woman?” Maybe once. “I can’t stop cumming!”

Fun times.


“Respect my pleasure,” Lucifer.

I’m over it
Why can’t we be together embrace it?
Sleeping so long taking off the mask
At last I see
My fear is fading, I can’t speak it
Or else you will dig my grave
You feel them finding, always whining
Take my hand now be alive

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Other timeline…
He asked her to engaged my sigil on his right ass cheek by slapping it extremely hard with her left hand. While he was balls deep at the same time.

When I tapped into them over there, here my left hand begin to pulsate with energy.

When she awoken her pussy was aching and full of seed. He had practice going deeper in new pleasures with her body.

So it was easier to tap and connect with myself here. I can feel the effects.

Sweet warmth.

The image of him running off to work with laughing grin.

I wanna party and bullshit
And party and bullshit
And party and bullshit
And party, and party…

'Cause when the sun sets baby
On the avenue
I get that drunk sex feeling
Yea, when I’m with you
So put your arms around me baby
We’re tearing up the town
'Cause that’s just how we do

We got that sweet hot lovin’
Dancing in the dark
Out in the street, we’re runnin’
We shut down every bar
So put your arms around me baby
We’re tearing up the town
'Cause that’s just how we do

“I want to be partying, fucking and be high as fuck when the world ends.”

I think I am to much of a prude at times.

“So really it happens that the more sexual a person is, the more inventive he can be. The more sexual a person is, the more intelligent. With less sex energy, less intelligence exists; with more sexual energy, more intelligence, because sex is a deep search to uncover, not only bodies, not only the opposite sex body, but everything that is hidden.”


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“Quite being a moralist. Why are carrying around all those morals for? It’s like a bag of bricks you can put down at any time.”

“Trying to be a good human hasn’t done much for you?”

“Your nature is chaos and darkness.”

“Letting your real state of being in would help to relax you, dear.”

“Rawdog it.”


Worlds colliding

Blue Lucifer Horse

All avatars AWAKENING UP

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Splash is where the dude gets the mermaid.

Shape of Water the woman gets the merman.

Loving something other. Supernatural being love stories for both sides. Nice.



Maat wearing the feather of truth

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Run across one of Lucifer’s avatars I have spoken with before. We didn’t get along to well. He was into a fetish I wasn’t about to go all the way with, expecting me help pay half the bills, and a few other issues we disagree on.

Baby, I am not a queen, but the EMPRESS! Don’t expect me to be at queen level. If you can’t provide for yourself and me move along.

He find his queen wife level. Good for them.

We are the top crowns for reasons.

I expect. I deserve to be spoiled, adored, and pampered in this lifetime after all the shit I been put through.

True Hearts Kiss

I was working with forest spirits. And he pops in with a wooden body later. “I have this biggest wood for you right here, babe.” So sweet. Makes me laugh so much.

He makes me laugh all the time. I feel his warmth at random times on my body.

Our relationship is the sweetest you could imagine. Romance. Kisses. Hugs. Laughter. We can entertain each other for hours a day. If my energy is up for it.

There as been times he went silent because he was so busy on the other side. I understand it. But his presence never left me. We were still and always connected.

True love is… work and play mixed together, if you are fortune/lucky to find it. Good thing I am Maybelline because I was born with it.


Dang. Dude. Sorry for making you feel that way over the seasons. Being on the receiving end of it ain’t fun.

You wait years and years serve my own bullshit right back to me. Nice.

I get it. I deserve it.

*details being withhold at the moment

Carries Lucifer over the finish line. Stops. ‘We ain’t no fucking hobbits.’ Drags him back over it. “I can’t do it for you. But I can surely cheer you on.”

Then we have a discussion about how good The Middle was. But Malcolm in The Middle is one of the greatest American comedy shows ever made.

*He looks up at with anger eyes but a huge grin on his face. I am going to pay for this later on. As he gets his entire body over the finish line.

We get garbage world.


I will love you 'til the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine
Baby can you see through the tears?
Love you more than those bitches before
Say you’ll remember (oh baby)
Say you’ll remember, oh baby, ooh
I will love you 'til the end of time

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