Lucifer x Ariana Grande?

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Recently, I saw this Tik Tok from a which who works with Lucifer. She said the Ariana Grande also works very closely with Lucifer. I also noticed in this music video Break Free
Lucifer’s sigil is shown in almost every scene. What are your guys thoughts? Can anyone who has worked with Lucifer confirm this?

  1. Take every celebrity occult gossip with a grain of salt. I have a feeling that this witch is just spewing bullshit for views (which happens a lot).

  2. That’s not Lucifer’s sigil. This is his sigil:


A ”witch“ on TikTok. FFS what’s this world coming to.

Most people flashing occult symbols all over the place are posers, just like the TikTok wannabe witches who think they can hex the moon or something. The real deal, be it artists who actually work with spirits or witches with some actual power, will usually keep it lowkey and you might not even suspect them. What many so-called artists do is put occult references in their music and videos to get people to watch and comment. It’s nothing but attention-seeking.


Of course, every celebrity worships demons to get where they are :roll_eyes:

Gods forbid, anyone believe humans can actually accomplish things on their own anymore.


Let it be known many humans actually have talent lol, many in the occult community needs to remember they were and still are mundane. Once you start slapping occult symbolism on everything and everyone’s accomplishments it’s a sign they need to lay off occult stuff for a while.


And also: I would be extremely skeptical about anyone who says they work with a spirit and then proceeds to make claims that cannot be backed up. Technically, you can’t disprove it either, which makes it even more of a trap for gullible people to fall into. How does she know Ariana works with Lucifer? Does she have personal contact with her or someone in her closest circle? Or is it a case of ”because I’m a powerful witch and Lucifer told me?“


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Just an update.

The sigil in the music video is not Lucifer’s my bad. Also, the witch is a well respected on. Lastly I am not saying she does work with Lucifer, Ariana is one of my favorites and extremly talented.

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LeTs HeX tHe MoOn HaHa


That was also a lie that was spread on twitter and made its way to tik tok :slight_smile:

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That doesn’t mean she’s a credible source.

Many people in Hollywood become famous using their talents and connections, not magick. It’s pretty ridiculous to assume that all celebrities use magick to achieve their goals.


She uses the kabbalah teachings which is magic.

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Ariana Grande? Where are your sources, good sir?

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The watered down Kabbalah making the rounds in Hollywood is mysticism, not magick.


Really I never really pay attention to that in her break free video, Then why did she say god is a women in one of her video?

Speculation, but maybe she was referring to Lilith, or herself?

In the video, the witch was someone who works closely with Lucifer. Ofc im taking this with a grain of salt

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Or because it’s popular to say this nowadays. :woman_shrugging:


I didn’t say that… All I said is that she could of worked with Lucifer and made no comment on her talent.

She said it because it’s in her song. The theme of the song is embracing femininity. It has nothing to do with God or Lilith.

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