Lucifer wants you to succeed

I wanted to share the work I have began with the lord of light. I made contact with him a few times. I provided offerings and feel my life changing. I have chronic depression and anxiety, I lost my job, my marriage is holding by a thread. This lead me to ask for help, and Lucifer answered. I feel so bad about the reputation he has received in main stream and Christian society. Those who have never worked with or contacted Lucifer may have doubts. I know I did and let me clarify I am not saying this to change or impose my practice on anyone. Simply stating what my experience has been.

I will share my most recent encounter with Lucifer. I drew a sigil and colored it in with my blood to power it and as an offering. I meditated and entered my astral state. I called upon the lord of light. In my closed eye visual I saw his many forms peacock, shiva, hooded man, he even shifted to a dog. He was displaying his power. Then in my closed eyes this is where it gets interesting I see web articles can’t read the fine print but a bunch of articles on occult stuff. I clearly see this page and today I went on EA Koetting’s channel and found that same exact picture he showed me. It was kind of a video talking about black magic, voudon, and other systems. I asked Lucifer if he wanted anything from me for his guidance. In my visual was this article where I couldn’t make out the words but my visual zoomed in closer to two words “for free”.

I understood Lucifer’s message he wants me to practice and train. Not just in his path but others he wants me to become a god and that is it. No catch I feel a kind loving energy from him. Each day my depression feels better I am gaining myself back. I feel more empathetic, in touch with myself, more inner strength. I fell very humbled, Lucifer wants to help people. In his time everyone had power if you seek it he feels it is something you deserve and have been robbed of. I also reached out to Bune so far my luck is changing. I got a great job offer for a lot more money than I was getting 20 an hour, my wife is getting a bonus, and I am feeling stronger. Thank you lord of light and Bune.

Also shout out to EA Koetting he has Lucifer promoting his work. Who he also works with if he happens to read this he should know Lucifer approves of all of his work and recommends it.


Congrats on your experience!


Hail Lucifer! :heart:


At first I read lucifer and you seed XF

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Hail Prince Lucifer! Hopefully I will be able to work with him and meet him someday! Love you Lucifer!


Granted Lucifer was my first contact and it happened my first time. But he has a reputation for being approachable and willing to help not just from my experience.


:kissing_heart: Lucifer finds use when we get lost! His light is always brilliant :sparkle:


Congrats I’m not ready to meet him yet still new to this n I guess u can say transitioning from rhp to lhp


“Come as family, you will be received as such”



He already knows you! I believe he knows everyone especially who summoned any demonic powers! It’s only fair that you get to meet him officially. Just a formality! He is totally lovable and huggable! if I might say so myself! :kissing_heart:


Idk Luke to but I still fight the fear still shaking off the lies we have been told stuff like that. This is the path I want to take cause I don’t feel lost anymore you know to be honest I had fear calling on any of them besides master Furfur n he is said to b the worst one to call but he is friendly as he’ll n camio to (I like animals lol) n my mind I went into this like yeah anime. Demons I’ll b ok they will be cute (thoughts of a straight otaku) but I know it’s not like that in reality I’m impressed that so many of you all on here are nice as he’ll and embrace working with demons it helps me feel like I can get over my own fears n life in general n hearing that lucifer isn’t a bad guy from the ones who have met him makes me relived n embarrassed lol I just not sure if I’m ready tho or if I’d be accepted Idk y I feel this way but yea


If you have so cold fear! Then I must say you have to face him! I can feel him saying “there is nothing to fear my child”
The first time I met him I was on the rhp hating my life praying for death… he got me here and revealed that he was Lucifer! He showed me that fear must be faced for that it’s a dilution holding you back from ascension! I myself still struggle with the dogma!


I see the small changes to my life already my twin flame n I agreed we need to fix our life’s before getting together it was something I needed to hear with all that’s going on I’m not turning down a chance to met him the others have done so much for me already I think with Lord Dantalion there or master Furfur I’d be ok to meet him they r the first to I’ve worked with

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I have to agree the first demon I have EVER encountered was Lucifer. He just has a reputation his is a household name. However his reputation among here is real because it is based on experience. He is great to talk to very understanding. The second time o made contact he took the form of a human because he knew seeing a demon is scary for humans. However it is the only way to know it is him. As I said he literally has done so much and said it is free wants nothing.

Monday I start a job making 20 an hour after being laid off. I did call on Bune however Lucifer gave me my confidence, said job was supposed to start 16 for experience 20. I nailed the interview yeah I have some manufacturing experience but not enough for most companies. Even shit like welding I am not certified I haven’t done it in years and the owner of the company still was pleased. The agency informed me the owner wanted to start me at the top pay and wanted more candidates like me.

It sounds so fucking cliche but I am holding that light. My aura is different when I was depressed and riddled with anxiety I must have just been a walking rain cloud. Now I even see people smile at me more when walking I didn’t even realize I got my head held higher. My marriage was literally about to end we where planning on separating trying to plan how to go about so the kids wouldn’t be hurt. I couldn’t blame her my mental illness was hell, most people would have cheated. I was in a defeatist state I wanted her to be free of my mental illness. I stopped using heroin seven years ago but it made me really believe I was best off shooting up in some alley. I felt like a cancer to everyone I love.

After a conversation discussing child support, moving out, wishing the best for each other. The next morning after a night on the couch astral projecting asking for guidance. The flame was back in her eye she saw me as the man she fell in love with. It completely turned around we are falling back in love… It may sound shallow and stereotypical male but let’s be real men and woman have needs. Ladies can vouch they’re not much better than us just smarter. As a walker of the left path I believe in fufilling it, but for the first time in a long time it looks like I may get to have a sex life again. Yes I didn’t cheat, so don’t call me shallow clearly that is not the only thing I value with my wife. But blue balls suck and I swear the woman of xnxx where shaking their heads at me.

I was on the verge of suicide at many times. Years of treatment, medication (and no I am not myself stopping or telling anyone to stop taking medication) something was missing. I found it and it was given out of just genuine kindness.

Sorry for another wall of text guys I can’t stop raving about this. I have been depressed my whole life and coming out of that is so surreal. I am not saying you have to meet Lucifer I respect everyone’s path. I just know reading about these experiences people had helped me make the choice to reach out.


Hail lucifer

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Wow congratulation bro…
I’m still waiting Lord :frowning:

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Brother/sister wen i read this I have a wave of energy in my body. My respect for this words.


Wonderful post.
Lucifer has always been there with me,just waiting for me to take note :heart:


Hey princess of darkness.
Ich hab dir auf einen kommentar geantwortet weil ich auch in Wien lebe und mich viel mit Magie beschäftige.
Bin mir nicht sicher ob mein kommentar dich erreicht hat deswegen schreib ich dir hier nochmal.
Kannst mir ja auf fb schreiben und wir reden ein bisschen über Magic.

Lg marius

I find it funny that I said fuck off to all the entities and now everything is going to shit. It only fuels a rage.

Heaven or hell I don’t care the numbers of entities. Go ahead, make it worse and I’ll rain back worse for I don’t care anymore. I want them all erased and forever destroyed and that goes for the entire omniverse. May it all cease to exist but I hope to hear the cries of anguish before it does happen.