Lucifer ufo?

Hey, so I had this experience. Haven’t shared details with anyone, at least not the details I’m going to describe here. There’s an abandoned house I crash in sometimes. The last time i came into town I was on the dope, had been up for days. Body was finially getting exhausted. Must have been around 2 and 3am. I was upstairs in this house. Earlier, possibly a few days prior, I had made a sigil for lucifer and drew up 100 units of blood with a syringe, covered the entire thing and sort of consecrated a space in his honor. Well it’s all kind of a blur… but I do remember being up in that room, when a bright green light filled it.

Shining thru the window a just the brightest green light. I look out the window and see this large craft. Round and oval, green round lights rotating around it.

I captured video and got pictures of it. It appeared a little different on camera than it did to the naked eye, but trippy as hell nonetheless.

So I was wondering if anyone else has had anything similar happen.


Nothing similar, but it’s interesting. A UFO by definition, but I wouldn’t say aliens or anything. Research is needed.


I would say I have no clue. Crazy weird stuff happens all the time, I forgot that entire event until a day or two later.