Lucifer TV Show and him like a spirit!

He is like I don’t know looking like a really good angel I don’t know why he’s fallen angel, I am on season 2 episode 6 so if he looks bad like in next seasons I don’t really know but I feel like he is very good but I can’t connect with him I mean I maybe do it but I don’t feel it I want him to guide me through my life and that but I don’t know how…

I like the show, it’s really nice.


If you want to know how to connect with Lucifer, there are many threads about Him (just use the search function). This is a tv show you’re talking about, and the “fallen angel” thing is Christian propaganda. Also, you may want to search for threads about how to develop your psychic senses, which is a prerequisite for communicating with Him or any other spirit, demon, god, angel, you name it. He is very understanding and benevolent (but has little patience for dabblers), but you won’t get anywhere without learning how to communicate with Him first, and a tv show isn’t going to help you with that, either.


me too :smiley:


This answer tells you everything, remember that TV shows are fictional and add things to make the story suit their needs, so please don’t mistake the things in these for some kind of truth: sometimes there is valid information, but the search function on here will serve you better. :+1:

Also, please read this, because the system tends to try and keep young people dumb, but if you want to do magick, you need to level up some from the crap they put in front of you:


Yeah it truly is, I like his style, he is really I don’t know how to explain it :smiley:

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Thank you so much! I am glad I am on this forum lol you guys all helping so much