Lucifer to attract new love

Hi there!
I posted yesterday this Lucifer + Seere made me see the truth in romantic situation

So I wanted to ask if anyone tried the ritual from the Lucifer and the hidden demons book?
There is one where you call Lucifer, Astaroth &another.
I just want to avoid to attract some random sexual interest because this is really not what I’m going for.
I want to attract a deep soulmate love. And I don’t want any angels either. Angelic magick didn’t really help.


I have not done that particular pathworking from LHD, but done some of the others. I imagine if you state your intent clearly to the last spirit of the pathworking that should do it. At least that worked for me.


Thanks for responding!
You’re right!
I will try!

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My pleasure, good luck ^^

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