Lucifer The Sun God and Father

Hi so I want to put out my Lucifer experiences here if anyone who is interested in working with him…

For starters his original source was actually a sun God of air fire heat and wind a source of light warmth and life he told me his true name is Sol Invictus or just Sun God

He has told me he is father of the earth and we belong to him as his true children but some deny and anger him such as those who follow holy books of lies

He is loving kind a father who cares and loves his children he is against self harm suicide and blood animal sacrifices he loves children, women and animals these are drawn towards his power and when invoking him both children and animals are drawn towards me and women become infatuated with me

One may assume he enjoys head banging heavy metal but he is a man of smooth lounge jazz and loves artist like Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra he is classy and smooth

He has a trickster side and appears as a joker or clown and plays friendly jokes on you he is childish and loves both candy and toys his favorite is chocolate

He comes when you call him no ritual or altar needed say his name and the air thickens you can even smell hints of honey and warm wax

He has told me that he loves me dearly and is always by my side waiting for help guidance and warm embrace


“Alash Tad Al Ash Tal Ashtu Alash Tad Alash Tal Ashtu”

Stare at his sigil light a white candle in the dark for maximum effect

This is what he looks like…



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More reason why I am no longer a true polytheist (or if there are true gods that exist, we’re not contacting them), and believe that any god were contacting are mere aspects of our own subconscious.

Sol was the Roman equivalent of the Greek God Helios, and both names mean ‘sun’ in their respective languages; Latin and Greek, respectively. But Lucifer is already a member of the Roman pantheon, as the Roman counterpart of the Greek God Phosphorus, God of the Morning Star. Both Lucifer and Phosphorus mean ‘morning star’ in their respective languages, which is why when they translated the Old Testament into Latin in the fourth century, they translated helel from Isaiah 14:12 as Lucifer (both mean morning star).

The morning star of course is venus, but few people make that connection. A common misconception of demonolaters is that they associate Lucifer with the Sun or Saturn, but both are incorrect. He’s a Venetian deity, being the God of the Morning Star is about as pigeonholed as you can get.


The info in the post align with what I have (except about being the Sun god, because he’s more connected to Venus, as stated above) and it’s well made too.
I don’t know why you got banned before, but this post seems just fine to me and useful.

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Its nice to have this confirmed by someone else. This song means a lot to him for personal reasons from other earth that as long since passed.


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