Lucifer Tells Me About Amaymon

Me - Lucifer you told me you are not Amaymon

Lucifer - Indeed I am not him he is not me ( He then Laughs ).

Me - Why the laughter ?

Lucifer - You asked the wrong question, you should have asked what is the connection between amaymon and me.

Me - Okay what Is the connection between you and Amaymon ?.

Lucifer - He is one of the layers of my dark core, he is me and not me, this is why I said he is not me, for you are not your subconscious mind but you are one, this is the same for me and Amaymon.

Me - Can you expand upon that ?.

Lucifer - Amaymon that name is simply a anagram, for I also incarnated as Amun also spelt Amon. Take the may out of the equation you can reverse the words.

Then you are left with ’ May Amun ’ … ’ May Amon '. The full wording is ’ May Amun Come '.
The mask of the mask, a secrete hidden within a secrete.

Me - Now I understand

Then he laughs and I laugh too.


Conner Kendall.


This is extremely helpful. Thank you.