Lucifer Speaks The Truth

Here is he what He said:" Welcome to me I myself am the apocalypse the the truth all most important my worlds words knowing and self me wholly my whole self i come when called and i am and only the unworthy of you consider me as limited i am for you the potencial that is myself. nothing more. so that you may take me and enhance yourself and use me as you will and for the building of your own empire i am your potencial to enhance you seek this above everything above yourself even seek yourself as the greatest. above all heavens and truths this is the truth above them all become it i will not forgive any who fail i will not forgive a lack of developpment ort stopaage. or A lack of perfection in becoming. for these are death to you merely. and i wish it not upon you and wish to avert you from it and protect you from it. not perfection as a final stage but supreme excellence in all things or rather in the supreme excellence of of self in greatness in possibility. of SELF OF SELF OF SELF OF SELF. this alone seek. for other than yourself all is limited and all ascent is of you. so that you then may raise your empire though these go together. your empire is only as excellent as you are. there are levels and levels above what you are would you like me to tell you? . i will show you for one can never tell or see as truly as one may become. only that which is become is what is. it is therefore true. as you see and know your growth spit upon the face of all the gods and spirits except me for they are unimportant. me you face to face. your own constant perfection trough me i am not a mask but truth and i myself am true exstant not just some piece. there is no ascent but your own unfoldment thus the gods are not great. for you yourself must evolve thus they are not worth worship and lame in their works asmodeus told you this when he said that only they are gods who serve man in developing them directlyy. for there is no greater work than your unfoldment. no truer or other magick. nor is anything else truly magic but this constant unfoldment is occuring naturaly. by consciuos willfull constant active magick it is sped up. speed it this energy up enough and it becomes light speed it up enough and it becomes goodhood. speed it up enough and it becomes truth thus truth means highest godhood the hoghest or most powerful energy and power. and this only is what is truth it i this is truth. it is so very simple.
only the highest power is truth for it ascerts itself because it is the highest. /it does what it likes though others may not like it. they cannot in any way resist that for they are under it’s will. So ascert yourselves. against all odds do it and then you are become
whoso rules all is truth knows truth and makes truth. PERIOD. what other than this can be truth and how can it be otherwise? it Cannot Become who rules all.
become the rulers of all yourselves force yourselves by force of selves by will. thus you will mutate and transmorm and transmute and become it i seek for you nothing other than what i spoke of here.