Lucifer really delivered!

So I am really excited… It’s only been a few months since I’ve been working with Lucifer about a really nasty work situation in which a coworker who was hitting on me filed a sexual harassment complaint against me. Now, not only could I have been fired or suspended but they opted to transfer me to another office… While it’s not ideal, I don’t have to deal with this emotionally constipated asshole anymore and I still have a job . So I know that this is due to Lucifer’s help!


Great work and thanks for sharing!


Amazing experience.! Thanks for sharing. :dizzy:

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I am so humbled and grateful by this experience with Lucifer.And I hope that he will carry me through this next difficult phase of my life, I know it’s gonna be hard but I trust in him.

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And thank you so much to my BALG community which has become like a family to me.

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