Lucifer lucifer on my mind ;)

ever since yesterday after hearing what lucifer said through my man arcane :wink: im more than excited to speak with him and if im lucky ill make him my patron demon. i wonder what to expect though since he changes to suit the situation :slight_smile:


Well, have you gotten anything lately?

It depends on what you ask for and what goals you wish to work towards as to how he will change things for you. He is my patron, the main entity that I have a pact with and lifetime commitment to and he is one of my guardians as I currently have two. But I will tell you this, if you ask him to change your life completely for the better he will tear it apart first so he can rebuild a better you from scratch so be prepared to possibly go thru hell for a little while before things get better.


welll in all honesty he accepted my offer of patronage and if you have seen my Q&A with him it shows that we can have conversations. but for some reason my life hasnt started its transition and he has been saying it will be warped for sometime now. i know i should have patience but its hard when my anticipation levels are so high. like for example i evoked him last night and i asked him to come to me in my dreams and show me the infernal empire he said he would and i took his sigil tucked it under pillow and no dream came which kinda made me sad. i dont know if its subconcious doubt or some type of blockage or my subconcious lack of belief or hes testing me i dont know but maybe you could shed some light :).

I’ve mentioned before to others and I cannot say it enough, if you have any type of doubt or disbelief nothing will ever happen and oppositely if you are so eager that you cannot stop thinking about the possible future results you will delay the as your thoughts about what to expect or when to expect it can actually act as unintentional spells and bring about things that will stand in your way and prevent the changes from happening, possibly delaying the work the spirit has already done and keeping it from manifesting in a timely manner.

So suspend any doubt or disbelief and as for what you do believe in an are eager about, try forgetting about it all together. Act as if you don’t care what happens either way and distract yourself so you can forget, and the results will manifest when the time is right once you have forgotten about any workings or evocations you did previously.

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understood malady :slight_smile:

I just can’t stop thinking about Lucifer as well. I’m going to try to talk to him.


I’ve worshipped Satan for many years. Coming from a very catholic background, I felt the pull to Him, to kneel in front of that altar of black burning candles and what not. Lucifer has begun to be a very more attractive figure, as I believe they are the same conceptually, but perhaps not ontologically.

I love everything Lucifer stands for, the light bearer, Satan was the indulgence in darkness, so this is the ying yang effect. I bought a book on Luciferain magik and can’t wait to get started. I’m drawn to the sigil of Lucifer, I even plan to get a tattoo of it. I believe Lucifer even possessed me. I’m wondering if this is true for anyone else? And how Lucifer can be ones guardian?

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