Lucifer likes to dance

Hi everyone.
It’s been a while that I’m working with Lucifer. Something I notice is that he likes to dance. I had many dreams in which we were dancing and he had randomly asked me multiple times to dance with him in real life too, during some summons. He just seems fondly of it.
Is that something common regarding him? Does anyone else experienced anything similar? With him or with any other entities.


Yes, he does like to dance. He enjoys music too, but not fast paced ones imo. He’s very much into the arts.

There are 2 songs I found he enjoys:

Azazel likes rock, I think he likes metal? But idk because I don’t play metal music. Lord Belial probably likes fast paced, energetic music.


Asmodeus also!!


Telugu and A.R. Rahman? Thats pretty cool
Btw my mom loves that first song.


Aye :relieved:
I love it too! I’m gonna learn how to sing it soon.


Love it !

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That’s pretty cool music, I didn’t know that, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


That’s awesome :smiley:

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I never noticed that about Lucifer, but I can say Eris likes fat fucking bass riffs

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youre telling me you dance with an invisible demon in your room, now thats crazy!

One time I had a panic attack before a dance performance and I just dedicated it to lucifer.

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I mostly listen to rock, pop, techno, rave, and dub step.
I’m into fast paced music with a good beat I can dance to.

Do u work with Belial and Azazel to?


Yes I do. Mainly lord belial right now, but I need to go back to azazel soon, he’s waking me up again :sweat_smile:
2 other gatekeepers are also with me buy I was in a rough patch so I haven’t worked much with them yet.


I’m not familiar with Eris, but that’s nice :slight_smile:

Uh hardly, although I can’t see how is different from you know, talking to an invisible demon, which is what mostly of us do, but usually is in the astral plane/mind place.

Oh that’s nice.

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That’s cool :smiley:

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Oh yes he does! Hahaha
I thought I was the only one who was giving him dancing offerings…

I have danced with him songs with a similar theme to the mood and the rituals I did with him. I would dance the songs with my eyes closed and allowing myself be completely free to make any movements that my spirit would lead me and I would ask Lucifer to join me.

I would dance until I would drop on the floor all sweaty and out of breath. Hahaa
All the times I gave this offering to Lucifer he made me sense like a column of fire next to me. So he would let me know that he was there and enjoying it.

I kinda miss the dances with him. I haven’t got a ritual that I want to do with him atm but I still feel like having a bit of fun :slightly_smiling_face:

I need to dance with Lucifer soon.


Oh that sounds really amazing. I used to dance like this, but it was more a hobbie to myself haha

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The world is yours
I give you thy light
the power of God’s
manifest dreams
your third eye sight
all is possible on this moonlit night
Forsake the lies of the lamb
Purge them from yourself
and take my hand