Lucifer, Jesus and my circle

You see I had a dream last night that I was in some healers place. I was there with my mother and some other person. There was others as well that acted as mediums to give you messages and guidance.

There was this old lady that had on some dark maroon colored robes on. She was shorter then me and had a very curved back. Basically almost the classic look of a crone.

We went up to her to see about if there was anything that she could tell me about myself. Any messages or guidance. She looked at me and pointed a finger at me and said “Jesus what’s you to know he still loves you.”

I nearly barked out laughing then she added “The other aspect of Jesus.” I did not understand what she ment at all. But the way she said it and looked at me was as if there was more to this then some Christian propaganda. I then decided to see if I could get any further information from these people so I waited.

As I was waiting I noticed that a lot of things they were doing or using looked “ancient” like how these girls were doing the laundry using rods and leather and rotating it around using the rods. I then saw this mixture of sorts and that’s when I thought to myself “that’s probably what they used to build up the buildings during the time Greece was expanding.”

I woke up to the very very distinct name and vibe Lucifer.

Also I want to add that Iv been called to do things in the circle for the past four days now. The first two days I was to tired from work to do anything (especially pulling a double and not getting home till 12am) Then the night before I couldn’t sleep. Something or someone was keeping me up. I tried to listen to music but the presence made it clear they wanted me to be in the circle. I was already falling sleep over coming me and told them I will do it tomorrow. Well they didn’t want to wait. Next I know I couldn’t sleep no matter how exhausted I was. I can’t describe it but I had this over whelming need to draw so I did. Here’s the thing it wasn’t because “oh I just want to draw” nope. It was a clear as day message. I finally was able to go to sleep 3:13 in the morning after finishing the picture. I said “ok I have no clue who the hell you are but I get it! I have gotten your message! Now I am going to bed!”

Then last night happened. I came home around 1am from work. I was just ready to crash. It was hot and storming outside and I definitely was a reck. I got cleaned and ready for bed. By some “help” I felt I managed to put my fan in a spot that helped cool my room a bit better. I then fell asleep only to wake up really confused. I knew then I was getting to hot. I tried to get comfortable but couldn’t. I then saw my circle and went over to it. Long behold it was cool. Like ten degrees difference cool. I laughed at the irony of my situation and decided to sleep on the floor, in my circle. Apparently I guess it got to the point that they were willing to do ANYTHING to get me into that circle for what ever reason.

I then had that dream and woke up with that knowledge.

Anyone that could help me understand about that picture be wonderful. :black_heart:


well there seems to be some people who believe that Jesus and Lucifer are one and the same… probably because some of those bible translations. There are some bibles that refer to Jesus as Lucifer. Go figure.

The drawing… COULD be Lucifer. Lucifer has so many forms he appears to people. I do know that one of those forms is a black hooded man.
Those are 4 wings right? so i assume it’s a cherub (if im not mistaken)
is that a black sun in the his head? Could it be Amaymon, who i remember E.A. referred to as Lucifer’s dark twin or his darkest incarnation or something. I’ve never worked with Amaymon so i’ll leave that to those who have.

My advice would be just ask who he is next time you see him. Most spirits will tell you their name if you just ask. Sometimes is not clear right away. So you might’ve to do a little research sometimes if the name doesn’t ring a bell right away. If that happens just trust the ride to the answer is also part of journey. Sometimes when a spirit tells you a name that’s not evident the spirit wants to show you something. And sometimes while researching it you find so many interesting things.


Very interesting! I honestly had no idea lol As much as I tried to do research about Lucifer I haven’t heard of that yet.

Also quite interesting :thinking: I will try and see if I get anything els. Iv never had an encounter with Amaymon yet (that I know of) so it’s honestly hard to say if it is him.

Thank you for your knowledgeable information. I am definitely going to take a good look into this.

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funny enough a few minutes before i open the forum page i was looking at the screen of my computer for whatever reason and i had a something like hypnagogic image popping up in my screen out of nowhere on something non related, a image of a pale skin man with dark hood similar to that. I thought it could be Azazel (even tho i never worked with him before) because i read he sometimes also shows wearing a black hood like that. Than i come here and saw that image.
Cool little coincidences :wink:

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That is really awesome! Lol I have worked with him before. He’s amazing:)

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So to post an update. I did some brief meditation and called on who ever it was that I draw. It was quite interesting to say the least.

So as I meditated on this picture I saw really black energy surrounding him. It was as if he was directly getting the black suns energy. I felt he may not have been Amaymon but close to his darkness.

I then went to bed and as I was laying there I felt this extremely HEAVY dark energy. At first I was concerned because I didn’t know who or what it was. I then felt this very heavy protective energy around me and this other energy kinda died down. As it did I felt a bit more comfortable. They were still there in my room but they have decreased their energy quite a bit. The best way to describe their energy is dark,intense and very very heavy. But after they turned it down some it felt grate. Honestly it reminded me of Belials when I first met him.

I felt the room had so much energy that I swore it was just going to just collapsed. I still felt the protection around me as I sat there trying to make heads or tails on this.

What I gathered from this experience is that:

If he was not Amaymon, he works with him or have some kind of direct connection to the black sun.

That he definitely was not Lucifer do to me feeling that Lucifer was in the room before this person came.

I also would like to add the vision I saw after falling asleep. I was outside and I swore I saw the black sun in the sky but not directly. It was only the corner of my eye. There is this wooden telephone post that was in front of me and on it I saw two good size centipedes that was squashed against the post.

I honestly don’t know what it could mean besides maybe a parasite removal?

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Yes son of the morning :joy:

Sorry English
16 “I, Jesus,(A) have sent my angel(B) to give you[a] this testimony for the churches.(C) I am the Root(D) and the Offspring of David,(E) and the bright Morning Star.”(F