Lucifer invocation worked on me without my involvement

Hello im reese not sure what my level of magic is or if im capable .i do however have a very strong desire to follow satan. But not just follow more like wanting to be. A warlock… Ive asked him directly… I made a pact signed it in blood said the words & burned it… No effects after almost a yr… However i was watching an invocation video last night & without any other involvement no chant just watched & opened myself up to it… He came it was very powerful… Ear popping with head phones in… Head feeling like a balloon about to burst… Things were moving in front of me … It felt like i was on fire inside. I was put to sleep while rapidly becoming sober…while sleep i can hear in feel my breathing but like it was 2 of me on stronger… I feel like im very very strong. & im still on fire… My mind still feel sort of like im two ppl. Have always wanted to be a warlock… But im wicked… Very wicked intent. Is this lucifer for real. I think so… I want to know how did the invocation work on my end without anything

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First of all, welcome, @Reese_rocket.

I noticed in your introduction you mentioned you had no real experience with magic? I’m trying to follow your testimony and understand your question.

So, you have no experience in magic. One day you decide, “I want to try and make a pact with Satan. And I will use my blood.” You complete the ritual. Then for an entire year, you just kind of wait for a sign that something happened? You did no meditations or dream work. Just focused on regular life things.

So a year has passed and you decide, “I want to watch this invocation video on Satan and see what happens.” So you do. And you have a spiritual experience. The video was just something titled, “Don’t watch if you don’t like Satan”, implying it could summon Satan. The experience is so intense that it carries over into your dreams. However you aren’t journaling your dreams, and didn’t record this one. But you do remember some tidbits. You remember a feeling of power, and 2 versions of yourself. Fire. Strength. Evil intent.

Then you ask “Is this Lucifer for real”, and you call this an invocation. But you watched a video on Satan, not Lucifer? And you watched this video out of curiosity but with no intent for an invocation or summoning, correct? Not to say that no invocation happened. If all is as you say, I am sure either Satan or Lucifer responded. And it does feel more like Satan in this instance.

Does all this sound correct? I am sure you realize now at least that to be a “warlock” means some actual work and meditation. How do you plan on working on this path now that you know this is all real?

To answer your question on how this could work without you doing much. It’s simple: you created a connection with Satan in your blood ritual. I do hope you know what you signed up for and promised in your pact, by the way. By watching that video with even the desire to have Satan reveal himself to you gave him the opportunity to give you that experience. He used your desire, subconscious intent (Will), and the blood connection you made in the pact (and possibly the pact itself considering how you worded it) to come through in this way.

Invocation is not as complicated as some make it out to be. It is indeed that simple.

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I second @veneficus. I believe it was your subconscious that did some hard work and summoned Lucifer.

I should note here though that Lucifer and Satan aren’t the same.

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I agree they aren’t. I think Satan was summoned as was the title of the vid he was watching. But then he said Lucifer’s name as if they were the same being. I assumed Satan. It could have been Lucifer. That’s why I was asking him for clarification.

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I did regular life things of course but i also also watched countless videos on how to call upon him throughout that whole time… It wasn’t a complete yr last yr in September was time of pact… I was doing alot of online research at that time on how to summon without protective circle as i didnt want to confine or give wrong impression… Once i found the right one i called upon him with pact in hand already crudely signed in blood. I would sit up for 1-2 hrs daily calling upon him feeling myself in a sort of trance dream like state… The most i got was like a noise here or there. Once it felt a presence but went away quickly… I stoped as it was round 3am… I went to sleep next my girlfriend & was violently shaken awake by what felt like pure ice… So i go back into the room i was in start again but when the small dot like lights came i figured i was just to tired so i burned the pact in said so mote it be…that was that. The youtube invocation video hadnt been the first i was literally doing them whenever i had alone time… But that last entitled lucifer ascending fire invocation came with a i said i was under influence so i clicked it anyway… The rest has been mentioned… I have also asked that he assign asmodeous to me… As far as warlock goes its an interest i figured if im ever successful in as it seems i finally was the desire i have would naturally lead there… Im new to it as can get i have never actually done a spell… Hopefully i have answered ur questions… However u sound very knowledgeable may i ask if u might be interested in giving a few dark magic spells for a non starter like myself

I had no idea that satan in lucifer are 2 different beings… Infact while it Was lucifer im sure since the video was on him. Once i realized i had something going on i renounced allah & god & asked of satan to honor my pact… I couldn’t even form the words clearly so i might have switched back in forth between them… Im actually still feeling it now my mind still has a fog… As i was trying to do another hit i kinda groggly heard in my head i dont need no more drugs… I then went to sleep but my mind was growing sober really fast however my body was going to sleep just as fast… I would take these very deep breaths & my heart felt like it had something hotter then it should inside… Im recanting details slowly hopefully there is answer… From what you both Said i most likely blundered through on accident…i need clarification is this possible? Has it been heard of

Im planing to watch again to make stronger & stronger connection

Ah so it was Lucifer, not Satan.

From what you stated, you sure were doing a hell of a lot for “no involvement”. You were doing work much of the time and your work paid off because you were diligent. Thing is, watching invocation vids is great, but not if it’s a substitute for actual practice.

Even better. Get yourself a copy of Initiation into Hermetics.

If you are diligent and make it even to completing Step 1, you will be miles ahead of where you are. And you may realize why practice and meditation are much better for your progression than any “dark magic spell”.

Perhaps this is the reason for the 2 separate versions of yourself in your dream experience. Both worked with you.

My advice? Stop doing rituals like that under the influence. Stop watching these invocations vids. Get that book. And get to work. Yes, you may increase your connection to them through such vids, but if you want to get stronger, you need to do something more than just create a stronger bond. Clearly, you already have made a bond. Now it’s up to you to show them they are not wasting their time. That means some daily meditations and progress in your study and practice.