Lucifer Invocation Ritual (Powerful)


Angel fallen and beautiful in your prideful glory,
You stand always in your power ready to help others find theirs
Mighty dragon and tempter of knowledge, your teachings and wealth of kindness are eternal.

I evoked/invoked Lucifer a couple nights ago and it was so amazing. I had initially planned on working with another entity to do something entirely different but found in that ritual that the person I was doing magick for had some kind of heavy curse on him. (I was aware someone magickly inclined had once cast something on him but I was unaware how serious it was.) So I ended that ritual and the next night did a curse-breaking one with the help of Lucifer. I am aware there are many ways to be vengeful in doing this and if it had only concerned me, the ritual would have likely gone quite differently, but this other person isn’t much into vengeance and I respect that. So I asked Lucifer, being the Light Bringer he is to help me bring light to the cursed person and also work with him on finding the light in his own darkness.

The ritual was amazing, so powerful. It began as an evocation, but soon it became an invocation. Lucifer asked me to close my eyes and say his enn a few times and suddenly there was just a complete shift in everything. As I spoke my voice became much deeper and seemed to possess so much total power and knowledge. It was absolutely amazing. After the speaking portion of the ritual had ended he left my body.

I asked if I could see him, because I couldn’t see him physically manifested before me, and he instructed me to close my eyes and let him take over my space/energy. He appeared so beautifully; I was just awe-struck. I wasn’t expecting an angelic (white wings etc.) appearance but that’s exactly what I saw. He was ever-changing but so stunning. It was a beauty I’ve never before beheld. Naturally, I asked him for a hug. It was a kind of emotional ritual and I also really like hugs (I’ll blame quarantine too). So I went to hug him in this vast white space I saw and again the love and calm I felt from him caught me off-guard. And then everything turned to darker colors and there was fire below my feet.

After all that, I asked him some personal questions about the other person.
Something to note though was I felt something change in the energy (I was using a pendulum at this point for yes/no.) And so I asked if he was being honest with me and the pendulum just stopped moving. I suggested asking the question first and only if he’d answer truthfully to answer. There were some questions he did not answer (because it wasn’t in my interest to know is the feeling I got) but he answered the majority.

So my basic ritual set-up was fairly un-complicated. As I’m living in a dorm at the moment there’s no fire allowed. It’s sad but I had to use the pretend candles and no incense. I had his sigil and stared into it, I used his enn to call him: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer. And I also said the “Invocation of Lucifer: Lord of the Ascending Flame” at the start.

Overall, I highly recommend working with Lucifer. It was just a truly awe-inspiring ritual. It was peaceful and I could feel him with(in) me.


Thanks for sharing!

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Hail Lucifer

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