Lucifer in re: Archaelus

I was typing up some transcripts and came across this little comment I’d completely forgotten about. Thought it might be interesting for some to hear the response from the other side…

…like Archaelus - he needed to be aware of the desire to be enslaved - to be fulfilled by enslavement and subservience. The natural reaction to a stronger will - but the wrong reaction for divinity incarnate. Worshipful reverence of love is good, desire to assist one’s fellows - equals - those on the path - but not desire to “serve” beyond the sense of helpful service - beyond the sense that I serve you, but you must never serve anyone so thoroughly in such a capacity in your own timeline - in your reality, ever, for even a moment - because you are Godhead here. You are channel of Divinity, and you are the one who calls the shots and any servility - i.e. sexual - should be an illusion - a giving up - relinquishing of control momentarily to achieve an even greater control - in fact you are never out of control - it is all an illusion, a trick of the process/experience.

The real meanings of this paragraph are quite impressively hidden in the threads that are woven beneath the speech as a whole. Watch where the ideas start, stop, expand, and circle back. I find this frequently with Lucifer.