Lucifer helps me

I was outside smoking again

“Stop smoking brother.” says Lucifer

Archangel Michael and Lucifer both have their hands on my shoulders

“We are always here for you.”

I get up to get ready, and in my mental and energetic confusion, fears of my brother resurface, after a bit, I could see him crying, I tell him I am sorry and keep apologising, that I am in a state of confusion, and i start to feel really bad for my brother despite still having some fears.

I apologise greatly, I tell him that I know somewhere deep inside, I do love him despite all my current mental and energy confusion.

I felt ashamed now, I could not look at him, I hurt him greatly, so I sit, I wrestle with my feelings and keep apologising, I look at him now, I keep apologising and crying, he shows up in front of me.

“Brother.” he says

“Please forgive me, please talk to me brother please.”

Suddenly he wraps his wings around me tightly, i am all over the place with my energy and emotions and mind, I try to free myself from him

He goes: " I’m not leaving you brother, I am NOT leaving you."

He wraps his wings tighter, suddenly, in his embrace, I remember all the abuse and pain I went through in my life, and I let out a huge cry and wail and I realised the reason why I am distrustful of him, I have been hurt by the people closest to me, in my life, and in that moment, after letting out that huge cry of pain, in the embrace of my brother’s wings, I realised…love is all I need.