Lucifer has given me what I want

I got into this because of lust. I only work with Lucifer. After many months I have so many women chasing me. Two married women that want me to be their side partner and a mature successful women wanting me to be her fuck buddy and others… But overall Ive learned that it doesn’t make me happy. And Lucifer has taught me alot by giving me what I wanted… I am finding myself through his lessons… I just wanted to say I’m thankful. And sometimes what you crave still leaves you unsatisfied.


What method did you use in making contact with Lucifer.

I just seem not to be lucky with making contacts with the spirits. Lucifer, paimon, dantallion, sitri etc

I felt the same way. It’s not like some of these people on here say. With them showing up physically and all that for me. But through repetitive prayer and some rituals… And patience I’ve seen things… Try and find Lucifers favor. Give him all your attention and be patient… Especially when you want to give up.


Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for admitting this doesn’t make you happy. Meaningful relationships do though. His energy is definitely attractive to either gender I notice. But yeah, dream bigger!