Lucifer Experiences

I wanted to hear of magicians experiences with the Emperor. I looked on the internet and all I came across so far seems iffy.

Evoked him once, very powerful and benevolent energy. Straight to the point, no ceremony or nonsense necessary other than what you need to get things rolling. Cares very little about Christian ideology or the whole idea of fallen angels as I see it, but of course neither do I so this might just be my sphere of experience being honoured, regardless you would do well to see this spirit outside of the limitations such dogma aim to press upon it.

I’m not willing to share the specifics of the results of my evocation, other than that it was to solve a legal issue I was dealing with. I was told I was to leave it untouched, to let the spirits do their work. This was very difficult and instilled doubt and fear but I trusted my gut because the ritual itself was so very out of this world. Long story short, the situation resolved itself to the point of almost being ridiculous. He cemented for me the true power of Magick, expressing that if we are willing to release our issues into the right currents things can happen beyond our idea of time and possibility.

Hope that helps some :slight_smile:

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Worked with his sigil twice a little while back. Benevolent electric-blue powerful energy is what my astral senses were picking up. I could’ve stayed in that embrace for hours but I wrapped it up after 30 minutes or so.

Later that day I fell asleep on my bed for a little nap and had an intense meeting with him in a dream. He was wearing a pale blue leather jacket, looked late 40’s, was ruggedly handsome and strongly built. I felt a deep fatherly presence but not in so much of a nurturing way but in a way that he could teach me my hearts desires and teach me how to be what I wanted to be.

He was waiting for me in an entrance of a blue stone church, with a penetrating gaze exuding from his amber colored eyes. Some dialogue was transmitted telepathically and then I felt two taps on the inside of my head, warning me to wake now as visitors were 1 minute away from driving up the driveway. And so it happened 1 minute later.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised each time I’ve made contact, so I plan on working with him again.

Thank you Yuri and Virdon Djinn. That was very helpful. My experience I have had with him was similar to both of your experiences.

I opened 5 different sigils for him at the same time during an evocation. It was an intence feeling of anxiety and adrenaline. Idk why I decided to use all 5 sigils but it worked vary well. the changes since can be quite heart breaking but all in all things are unrolling in a vary positive way for me.