Lucifer dreams

So I was meditating on Lucifer the other night and after I fell asleep I had a brief snippet of a dream where I seen Lucifer in a dark blue and white suit. Immaculately dressed. I didn’t see his face but I walked up to him and embraced him and he held me back so lovingly. In that moment I felt more cared for and warm than I’ve felt in quite a while. It was a long embrace and then we parted ways.
The strangest part of dreaming about him is that I’ve also dreamed at least twice that I was married to him. Shits getting weird fam, lol. Please no judgement as it took me awhile to work up the nerve to post this.

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Great work! Thanks for sharing!

Actually, it’s really common that when you talk with spirits, or when you pray to them, they send you some signs through dreams.