Lucifer Dream Journal (Help?)

I’ve had nearly the same dream for four days now so I’m making a journal on it.

It starts out with me dying and going to ''heaven", the entire time I’m there I’m constantly asking to speak with Lucifer.
Myself and some other people go to a different sector of “heaven” that looked very much like a bar. One of the people there says “She’s going to end up being a ‘second’ Lucifer.”
Soon someone is sent out to make speeches and such claiming to be him. Knowing that’s total bs I ask the person where the real Lucifer is and he becomes visibly aggravated.
Shortly thereafter someone, who I assume is the christian god, comes in and damns anyone he finds. As I am unable to find a hiding spot I’m the first one who is found and shortly after sent to hell.
While I’m there a irl friend of mine appears, and again I ask to speak with Lucifer. He says “ok give me a minute and I’ll get him”. When he comes back he has shapeshifted into a guard. He tells me I have to go through the seven layers of hell, like it’s an obstacle course, before I can speak to Lucifer.

The latter part (where I’m supposed to go through the obstacle course) has changed each time I’ve had the dream and I believe the changes have something to do with my invocation of Lucifer. Each time it becomes significantly easier than the last.

I was wondering if anyone a some insight on what this is supposed to mean.
(I remade this because I was unable to edit the last one I made…)

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It sounds like the dream represents your own personal journey. Such as discovering your truth and path.

Each test is a new self discover and obstacle you have overcome, which is why it is getting easier each time.

The shapeshifting might be Lucifer sending you messages through people you know and to be aware.


@Brand_New I actually second that! It seems exactly like that!

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The fist one to post seems to have beat me to the punch I finalize what was said you are going through your own journey and getting better each time

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