Lucifer dream interpretation

I don’t remember much about the dream. I remember me and my family was in a mountain of some sort. It was so cold and snowy, yet there were special snow cats or something? I wanted to pet them but they lived in this cave and didn’t want to go out. I remember people selling vegetables and grains for super cheap even though the ground is fully covered in snow. Then I remember hearing Lucifer’s name and the tarot card 2 of swords flashed.

I am chronically ill and immunocompromised. I am tired of constantly being sick and tired. I tried to evoke Lucifer because I had this dream and thought he was trying to contact me (had to force myself, my head was killing me). Am I way off the mark? I just want to be healthy rn really…


This interpretation is from my point of view, you know, my UPG, your life seems to be stagnant partly because of your family and partly because of you, I dare to say your spiritual life still being influenced by your old beliefs. Besides you have isolated yourself, even from valuable people. The 2 of swords is a decision you have to make and Lucifer is calling to show you the way.

I agree there is a decision I will have to make but I have no idea.

Do you think he will help me with my health issues?

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You can use divination to find out what the right decision is. As far as I have read here, people have been healed by Lucifer. In any case, you have to keep in mind that chronic illness is something very strong, I know, I have two.

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The thing is I have no idea what I am even making a decision about, it’s just something that frequently comes up in my readings these days.

Yeah, my illnesses have no known cure and I am aware it would take lots of effort to cure me. I hope Lucifer aids me.

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You have to ask the right question to get the right answer. That sounds very obvious but sometimes it isn’t, I read tarot and sometimes I have to rephrase the question someone else has asked me.