Lucifer, Azazel and Belial

I’d like to work with them in the same time. So, in your opinion Is it ok or could be problems?
Just one altar is ok?



No problems at all.

I work with Lucifer (mainly) and he suggested that I work with Belial to help me get a handle on addiction which I have made a post about that.

Once things panned out well with Belial (although his help is ongoing), Lucifer then led me to Azazel to help with another problem.

Things panned out well there too. Those three have helped me to begin finally making good progress in bettering myself.

I didn’t use any alters either. I just give an entity gifts and a very grateful “thank you” after their work is done.


I also agree, that there’s no problem at all!

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May you tell me how you work with them? i’m reading books to perform a right evocation, circle, triangle, etc. also i was reading to perform a good evocation you has to go to a mountain, i would like to know which tools you using for, how many candles you need, colors, and where you have to put the sigil, do you need to learn how to see spirits before call them? i apreciate your answer.

Nope. Most people here do evocations in their home.

All that stuff is superfluous.

How many candles? As many as you want, or none at all. Where do you put the seal? Where you can see it, usually held in the left hand or on the altar when opening. Do you need to learn how to see spirits before calling them? No, but it helps.

You are worrying way to much about things. All you need really is the seal and the ability to get into a trance state. All the candles, and triangles, and circles are completely unnecessary. They are only there to help you the magician, no one else.

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Yes, that’s best. I learned how to hear them mentally first and how to sense them first before fully calling to them for their assistance.

I don’t use candles or anything unless i really feel like I should then I’ll grab any one that I think they’ll like.

I mainly sit on my bed, meditate for a moment so I can form a good connection and then politely call to them. For example: “King Lucifer, I call to you to ask if you would like to help me with (whatever). Will you please come and talk to me?”

I hate going all out. My respect is enough of an all out in my opinion.


Thanks for the answers, i asking because some people use different color and candles, make different offerings, also don’t say what to do after with the offering like fruits, wine, candies etc. but how you know if you evoking has success? so it’s not necessary triangles and circles? when i was reading Solomon Keys and another grimoires say that you need to make them even EA mentioned in one of his books, i only talked with Azazel in meditation and in dream, when i woke up i have to write alot of things he said to me in english, was a bit difficult to remenber and translate, which mantra you have to say to call an specific demon? just the name and the sigil works? he gave me a mantra to call him is in latin i try to call him in dreams but not appear.

Thanks for answer, so you call them visualizing the sigil and call them not a complicated way, i asking that because in some grimoires, explain that when you call a demon to command obedience you have to make a triangle and circle also to pronunce mantras or words to call them and materializing, what technique have you learn to hear and see spirits? Some book you recommend me, thanks.

Not at all. I do it in a different way that works for me so do it in a way that works for you.

I learned off of other people who had awakened their senses enough then learned off of entities (Lucifer and Michael). It was through word of mouth/reading conversation rather then books.

I see, i gonna search techniques, what’s about materializing with some of inciense? did you try it?

I’m allergic to incense so that’s a no go. But you could definitely try it.

Good, i gonna do it later i comment how it was, Goodnight and thanks.

I think you are mixing up different systems in your head.

Every system does things differently, and how you choose to do them will be dictated by whatever system you are following. Nothing is written in stone, and all correspondences, like candle colour, are system specific.

If you are evoking using the traditional Goetia, for example, then you have to purify yourself with prayer, wear a white robe with a lion skin sash, and spend a considerable amount of time on the conjurations, and adjurations, and vibrating god names to get the demon to appear in your triangle bound by the names of angels engraved upon it.

If you are evoking Golden Dawn style, then you need to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, and the Middle Pillar, followed by the Opening By Watchtower. Plus, you have to build magical implements like the Fire Wand, the magical wand, the Pentacle of Earth, and more. You then choose your candles based on the Kabbalah, and other correspondences, and try to time your evocations for certain astrological periods.

Candle colour is unimportant unless you make it important. For example, I have evoked King Paimon using white candles, black candles, and light blue candles. Each time the evocation was successful, regardless of the colour of the candle.

Triangles are unnecessary unless you are using a system that calls for one. A circle helps you to leave the mundane world behind and centers you in Eternity, but if you can get to that state without casting one, then it is not needed.

You really need to understand that there are many different ways to do evocation and my advice to you ts to pick one system, and do your evocations following that system’s specific rules, especially if you are first learning. Once you become proficient in that system, then you will be able to adapt to other ways of doing things, but you need to learn the basic steps first.


I agree on this. I’ve summoned Lucifer using many different colored candles over the years or no candle at all unless he requested one.

They really don’t care.

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Thank you for al explanation, i know traditional Goetia you have to draw some simbols etc. but i see in some grimoires that to evoke an spirit you need to put the triangle, and the circle, as you well said means the eternity separate the mundane world, althought some said it protects you from the entity i don’t thin so, i performe the lesser banishing rituall of the pentagram almost daily to clean my aura, but i had to changed some things according of my beliefs, when you evoke some entity only concentrate in the sigil as you said before, what offering you do to him if you gonna ask something? also i would like to ask you how long takes you to see, hear the entity? can you touch him or just see him? i asking that because according with some persons even E.A sometimes cans touch him.

I don’t make offerings in my practice. I have only done so four times, and only because I wanted to have a personal relationship with the spirits in question. There’s no need to give offerings every time you evoke.

That is completely individual and no one can give you a timeline. For some people it could be immediately, and for others it could take years.

This isn’t for Paimon, I only summoned him once. This is based off of other entities that I summon more frequently.

Depends on what you have/want to give or what they ask for.

I only give an offering to show my gratitude and to form a better connection. Otherwise it’s just a grateful “thank you.” as their offering.

Pretty much immediately depending on if they want to.

You should never touch anyone without their permission.

Thanks for answer, so can you tell me a final advice a simple method to start? some mantra? you use mantras to some specific spirit? you has told me before about put the sigil, candles and get in trance, i gonna do it but more info could be right.

I understand. what you do with the offering later? for example a glass of wine, so according with your info depends of the entity if it wants to show before you and if you are capable to see it, ok ask for permission to touch.

I do not use demonic enns in my practice, if that is what you mean by a “mantra.”

If you want a mantra to start with, use the forum’s search function. There are a great many available on here.

To answer your question to @Lamb-of-Hell-666, offerings are using left on the altar for 24-48 hours and then disposed of. For food and drink offerings, the easiest disposal is to bury them in the Earth and say a short prayer of thanks while doing so.

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