Lucifer and the hidden demons (Banishing)

So I bought this book called “Lucifer and the hidden demons” by Theodore rose.
The book is amazing as it simplifies the pathworking.
The thing which confuses me is that I will soon be going to work with Beelzebub through the methods of this book but on the other hand I also work with GOM books. The one I am currently working with is “Magickal protection” by Damon brand and he advices to banish atleast twice a day. Which I am regularly doing.
But here in this book the author says and I qoute “You certainly don’t banish, as the demon should not be pushed out of your life”
Now, does that mean I cannot banish at all? Because I feel at ease whenever I perform banishings after the rituals, but here I will be working with Beelzebub and ofcourse his energy will be around, let’s say I do ask him to “Increase in personal beauty” and the author says and I qoute again that “The initial glow will continue to intensify with the results of this ritual being expressed and expanded upon over several months”
Now, does that mean that if I banish, the ritual will fail because the demon will be pushed out of my life?


A banishing is thought to be an essential by the majority of mystics I have come into contact with and also myself , I’d never advise ceasing to do it


True, you should never stop banishing, it’s a must for safety. But you can control what you banish.


@NailOH @Manosman
I agree! Still don’t understand why does the author says so.
@shinri please give us insights, I’ve read that you also worked with this book.

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Banishing won’t stop a spell from working, providing you aren’t banishing the entities you are working with, banish what interferes with your work. however, GOM and LHD are very different systems although simplified. you may prefer to do a left hand path style banishing with Lucifer and the hidden demons rather than one from a GOM ritual. The reason I say this is we dont know for sure how different angels work with different demon names, for example some people say that Paimon does not work with Raphael.
Magick is more likely not to work if you dont banish in my opinion because of the build up of parasitic energy thieves. I currently use the cleansing rite of the Goddess from Enoch petrucelly’s “the book of soul retrieval” it’s worth checking out as a left hand alternative to work with the LHD book.

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Banish only when required.

If you want to work with the magick of LHD, then you should become comfortable with the demons and their presence in your life. Banishing at the beginning or end of your day will not necessarily make your ritual fail, but it will connect you to angelic energy. This may not be what you want if you are seeking to work deeply with the demons.

The problem with banishing directly after the ritual is that you deny yourself the opportunity to let the energy “sink in.” You summon the demons, but then immediately push away their energy. If you want their power, then allow it to enter your life. As you become familiar with the demons, their presence will bring you the ease and comfort that you get from banishing.

I will admit that I have tried using the Sword Banishing before a summoning, and even the Core Ritual from Demons of Magick, and these too are not required and only interfere with the process of Lucifer magick. You do not need to clear your space because you are traveling to another space within your mind, and you most certainly do not need the authority of any god to summon Lucifer.

To put it again as the author puts it - for best results, use a single system. Another way to put this - if you want to make the most out of what Lucifer can teach and do for you, then your focus should remain on Lucifer and the Legion. There are many ways to solve problems and make life easier with magick, and if you are exploring and finding magick that resonates with you there is no problem with trying many different methods, but the deepest truths are only laid bare by working with focus.


Quoted for truth.

In the beginning, you should try different things to see what resonates with you. The focus should be a real path with depth, though. I’m not a fan of most magical books because they have no real path. Just spells and rituals.

I agree with not banishing as well, but I don’t mix various pantheons in my practice. To me, working with entities is about building relationships. I feel it’s kind of rude to banish after a working or meditation, prayer, w/e. But that’s just me.


I use Lucifer’s Banishing Ritual before any major magick workings and invocations. Having Lucifer part of the Banishing Ritual means that his energy will clear any negative energies and unwanted entities and also sets up the connection early on. I dare say you could tweak this and use what demon you are working with and adapt. That is the beauty of magick, it can work in many different ways

Thankyou! I will surely check it out. :sparkles:

Your answer was precise! :sparkles:

Now the problem is I am getting used to GOM books, I’ve done rituals from Demons of magick, Magickal seduction, Magickal protection and I’m looking forward to use The greater words of power.
But on the other hand I really want to connect to Lucifer because he was the first one to come to me when I was starting out on this path, But LHD doesn’t provide every solution to problems like GOM does, small problems like, joy, happiness etc.
That’s the reason I wanna work with both.

I will stop banishing as you said and let the energy sink in, but what if I try “The greater words of power” would that also affect with the demonic energy? Or if it does, is there a substitute to GOM system? So that I can only work within demonic energy.

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Great advice :sparkles: Will surely do the Lucifer banishing, that sounds good as LHD is all about connecting to lucifer. :dizzy:

When I was first getting into magick I worked with all manner of different spirits and techniques. I encourage you to follow your intuition and do what feels best for you.

The problem that people (especially beginners) sometimes get into is that they bounce around between systems out of a sense of desperation and fear that the magick isn’t working. You can work with different forms of magick without issue, but I do suggest that you not pile on ritual after ritual all for one situation. You should trust that Beelzebub’s power is sufficient for you to see an increase in your personal beauty. If you use WoP for another situation, you should trust that the WoP ritual would be sufficient.

It seems that you are perhaps somewhat of a beginner, so the whole energy thing shouldn’t be much of an issue for you as your senses are still developing. If you want to more clearly experience the differences between different ways of working, then I would not perform more than one ritual per day, and would focus on one situation for however many days before moving on to the next.

There was a period of time in the past when I ended up alternating between the Goetia and Lucifer’s Legion every other day, and the energy throughout the following day would be quite different depending on which sort of demon I summoned the day before. This is an advanced form of working, however, and requires that you have a strong connection to magick to be able to sense which demon is calling to you each day. I would often not even know who I would be summoning until moments before the ritual.

The powers of the Legion can be put to use to solve your problems, but it may require you to think about your situations in a different manner than you normally do. Or you may find that the powers align with your way of thinking quite well. This is why I encourage exploration - you can never know how well you may connect with a system of magick until you experience it for yourself.


That certainly not the case with me, because whenever I do any ritual I do it with full faith not that I force my faith but the belief comes naturally that it will happen. And Till now I’ve mostly worked with EA’s and GOM books and I gotta say they work efficiently for me.
Why I am trying to use different systems? is because I wanna learn deeper and practice more. And it certainly not because I don’t feel like some system is not working for me but I love exploring not checking out if the system works for me or not but to explore different systems and improve my spirituality. That’s what Lucifer advised me earlier.

I do not aim using different rituals for same situations because I’ve heard it brings confusion for sprits making your spell ineffective. instead I only use one particular demon or angel for my specific situation.

The only confusion I was facing with this system was Banishing, and I think you made it quite clear in your previous text I will surely follow your advice to “Only banish when required” :blush::sparkles:


It’s always a good idea to banish, because something’s other “things” may come through, but as a rule I really don’t banish a demon. It’s like telling them ok you’re welcome to do your work, but now you’re not welcome". I generally have my own ways of doing things, I don’t use the names of God, don’t command, coerce or disrespect them, and I don’t banish my protectors or demons I invoke, they really don’t have to obey us, and if they’re treated with respect, they’ll give you that in return, and simply leave on their own. I reserve the lbrp for something icky, or something I cannot identify that has not been invoked.

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I agree with you! I only do the banishing with the intention to remove parasites or imposter’s and certainly not with the intention to banish the demon I just called upon to work with.
Because before I even started using this system I was connecting with Lucifer and ofcourse I’d say he is the one who initiated me into this path.
Just like you, I don’t like using god names to evoke a demon but I love exploring other systems. in my opinion every system works and in its own way, and last time I evoked Lucifer he asked me to ’ ‘Explore other systems of spirituality do not stick to one and practice so that you reach your desired goal.’. So that’s what I am trying to do, following his advice.

Wish me luck. :sparkles:

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Oh yeah, he will really encourage you to explore, learn new things, and keep an open mind. I have to admit I’m addicted to his energy, it is amazing!:grin: I came up with a way to express my spirituality through music and art, I find him enlightening and inspiring.

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Exactly! I find him cheering me up and improving my mood whenever I’m feeling down, also sometimes he throws wisdom that gets you goosebumps. He is truly inspiring and enlightening.! :sparkles:

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Is banishing only necessary when one works in their own house? If I do a ritual in nature, is it still necessary?

Sometimes it is necessary, because anything can follow you home.

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