Lucifer and me - INTENSE

I just got finished from a intense experience with Lucifer, our relationship is how can i put it, unique unlike any spirit bond. I performed a physical evocation of Lucifer, his manifestation looked identical to me except for the hair and eyes.

The candles i used blew out then spontaneously, they relit ( Don’t you love it when that happens ).
He looks at me and says " I have risen what is it you seek ", i explained " I don’t even know, i just felt like i had too ".

He gave me a sinister smile which seemed more darker than he normally is, he spoke again.
" That’s because i summoned you ", then i responded " Why "?.
He responds " i have been in your body for a long time ", now you must enter mine.

He was referring to when i merged with him, perfect eternal possession, a part of me, just knew what he was referring to, so i performed the rite of ENVOCATION.

Using a pillar of lucifer, which is a empowered and consecrated then by lighting the candle, i then housed Lucifer in the flame, then left my body and performed a luciferian envocation reverse possession.

The only description i can give is when i entered the body of Lucifer, it was like my soul and his became light and sound, then our essence started syncing to the same vibrations, then when i mounted and perfectly connected i heard a click.

I was no longer in the flame me and Lucifer were the same, he no longer saw from my eyes, i now saw from his, i traveled out of the flame into my physical body, i entered what seemed to be a bridge inside of me.

I had no idea where i was going, but i did at the same time, like i was in lucifers steps or he was walking in mine, i was pulled to the source, that’s correct the source. I saw a matrix of vibrating energetic geometric particles. I suddenly fell onto a floor made of a material that seemed so alien.

I looked up and there was a long LONG table, with thousands of chairs, seated there were the gods and goddess, Buddha, Enki, Zeus, Odin, Thoth, Hades, Loki, Lilith, Kali, Shiva, Zohak, Ahriman, Papa Legba etc. Honestly i named those because to give you an idea, it looked like every god and goddess from every culture were seated at this table there were thousands even some i have never seen.

I gravitated to one chair and sat down at the end of this table that seemed to have no end, all those gods and goddess’s present they all looked at me, all of them with one voice said

" LUCIFER WE CAST YOU DOWN ", i spoke with Lucifer’s words and mine, his voice and mine i responded, " Why ", then a voice over the table from the thin air, that didn’t come from the gods said
Here is the reason Lucifer Fell from the God’s.

i came back to my body and grabbed a pen and book, i could still hear the voice, while struggling to write this is the story of Lucifer’s fall.

" Lucifer you must fall, for mankind has fallen since we walked among them, you fall because they fall, one of us must be a adversary in both light and darkness, mankind must embrace both, You will be the antithesis of the new era, the era of lucifer, a new age. You fall now, then when we requested you back into the halls of the gods, you refused why ? ".

Lucifer was still in the temple, i returned to him and asked " Why did you not return ?".

Lucifer responded

" I am Alien among the Gods, i am many many things, when the consciousness of mankind expands so do i, i wasn’t cast down to earth but rather the infernal worlds, there only the brave souls journey for knowledge and power far beyond their grasp, so i became the emperor of the infernal worlds, i used hell for one reason, only those who deserve power and knowledge will be faced with a test, the infernal domain is the greatest of them all, now i refuse to leave, only will i leave to come to the aid of mankind, i am the adversary and the Hero, i am total light and total darkness, Fire and Air, the Sun and Saturn, the fallen i am, not from god, but from the hall of the gods, i will remain fallen in my throne for it was the power i truly needed, my ascending is eternal nothing ever stops evolving this is why i fell ".

Then something clicked and he was returned inside of me, i was once again complete, that story and description i channeled from Lucifer about the fall, made me read it over and over and over.

I am in shock damn, that was intense.


Conner Kendall.


That’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard! The god who fell in order to help, protect and test mankind, just like Thoth said in his tablets (I’m not sure if it’s him or the tablets mean another entity).

But anyway, this experience brings out a lot of info. Actually, that made me wanting to summon him today and ask a lot of things.


Amazing is all I can say.

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Very cool.

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So, I spoke to Lucifer about this and he told me that indeed these things happened and that everyone has a place in that table you saw as long as they have the courage to claim it (or something like that).

He said that he came in order to help mankind and others followed him. So I asked him “When we win the final war what will happen?”. He told me that he will make sure that we’ll have anything we need and that he will help us reach our true and final selves. Once that happens and the time is right, it will be our turn to help the next race that will be helpless to reach their true and final selves throughout the years just like entities do with mankind. He said that it’s a never ending cirlce.

I also had some images of that table you said. I think there were entities there but I couldn’t clearly see.

I also asked him about runes. He told me that it’s useful and a good idea to learn as much as I can about them but I shouldn’t focus 100% there because the time has almost come and we need to be ready to strike when the chance is given. I felt then that people got stronger during the last few years and the time has almost come now.

I’m also thinking to enroll in his army. He told me that I should think about it and that there are some very pleasant surprises there for me that I don’t expect much (or something similar since I’ve forgotten the exact words). It’s an honor to bear the mark of the beast after all.


This fits in line with what Lucifer has told me as well. I was trained in college as a biblical scholar I was going to go to seminary at one time (believe that LOL). So I had a lot of questions. One of them was if there was a war and a fall. No there was no fall as in one caused by a war. The better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven is more accurate. It was a change in position.

His position in the infernal realms somehow puts him in a better position to help humanity with its acsension. The collective conciousness of our world is influenced by Judeo-christian thinking. So those that dare to seek the knowlege he offers are lest likely to have the goal of joining heaven. Or deep down they know something is wrong with the world.


I am so so so glad I saw this post!!! I had a similar experience with Azazel in that I merged myself with him but not nearly as spectacular as This! That’s amazing


Hi, thank you all for this conversation which helped me make some sense about what I feel intuitively. Here is some food for thoughts. In my experience, Lucifer, Toth and Azazel are ONE, just expressed differently. Kuthumi as well. There is no war or battle to rage as we are all ONE and each of us hold a piece of the whole truth. There is only the battle, the journey, the joyful discovery within our self to get to equanimity with light and dark. So both light (expression) and dark (creative space) could be appreciated, enjoyed and expressed with full harmony. I am referring to music. Lucifer is a light bearer. As I feel it intuitively within myself, he holds the light. This light is not external as some people may think, but within him. His heart is light, the heart of All that is within a human body. This is how he is connected to us all. His heart contains a bit of us all, and we have all a bit of him. He feels god with his human body and feels you the same way, as well as humanity as a whole. It could also be described as we are chained to him and he is chained to us. Well, these chains are love with a purpose. So all of us can find their own truth and the god within. So we could truly connect to our free will and express it in harmony within and without collectively. All my blessings. I look forward to hearing from you all.


Thank you @C.Kendall for sharing this with us. I am shaking now from just reading your experience, and the accounts of others in regards to it.

Thank you.

Edit: Would this also mean that the Watchers too chose to descend alongside the Morningstar in order to help serve mankind in our collective ascension?


Thank you, puts things in perspective.

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That was… a rather beautiful interpretation @ChristAl :slight_smile:

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This done. Intorduction to @ChristAl. All my love.