Lucifer and Lucy

Two nights ago I decided to drop acid and evoke Lucifer. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

Ill start with how i unintentionally attained the acid ( i gave up looking for a while because last time ol boy got ripped off a hundred bucks). I recieved a big bag of coke from a source, whom told me there was a hit of acid in the foil in the package i received. I got home, put the foil away and did all the coke over the next two days. I didnt even look at my acid for days.

When i finially decided to look at it to my delight it was an amber colored windowpane. Reading many forums on acid i know theres some rare shit people talk about, its a citrus flavored windowpane that people have described as being the best they ever had, and from appearance mine fit the description. I thought to myself “holy shit if this tastes like citrus im probably in for a hell of a trip”. Popped it under my tounge, low and behold citrus flavor.

I put on the movie “a clockwork orange” and waited for it to kick in. Before too long, time slowed way down, 3 minutes seemed like an hour as i felt the substance crossing the blood-brain barrior.

As colors became enhanced, popping out, tracers running through my vision, i enjoyed the movie as i reached my come up. The movie was great hadnt seen it in years.

A few eternities of deep introspective thoughts accompanied by the psychedelic nature of clock work orange came to end and that when shit gets interesting.

I pull out my Lucifer sigil and meditate on it. That sigil became alive. I could see the vortex coming out of it and then the pattern i always notice when evoking him ( wow and right now as i type this). Tap, tap, tap… always three loud taps. This time i see these tap sounds as three orbs entering the room through the walls, creating a triangle for the advasary to manifest.

Lucifer comes to me as a great being and i converse with him. “Thank you for coming my great king, i appreciate you showing up so quickly”. “I am always and have always been here by your side” he replied. “Thank you Lucifer, Listen bud, I need you to pour your infernal knowledge into my being, I need you to take this spirit and destroy it, destroy me and create me anew, powerful, knowledgeable, come into me and grant me the power of the universe.” Lucifer responds “Very well”.

As he says this a dark hooded being comes to my astral body ripping me out of myself, snapping my astral neck and breaking, shreading what i use to be. As i watched that aspect of myself being destroyed, i was breaking out of many chains, i felt as i broke through these my astral body becoming reborn, growing and busting through all the bullshit that was holding me back in the dorm of these many chains breaking as i grew.

As i accepted my new astral form, lucifer morphed into a fucking beautiful, huge white dragon, scales shining like platnum, covered in beautiful shiny jewels. Most beautiful being i have ever seen. He carried me to source where i became one with the almighty, seeing our realm as our source sees it, being one with.

It was funny, i see all these people reproducing, suffering, living, doing what they do. I felt no empathy as i normally would for human beings, but instead as this is all necessary shit. We are all this source deep outside of our perceived reality. I see us as a database for this source to continue its evolution. Material things dont matter, our lives both meaningless and meaningful. Just shells injected with different aspects of this source.

Lucifer guided my acid trip beautifully, i highly reccomment evoking under the influence of entheogens. Afterall entheogen literally means to awaken the god within. If you have a hard time becoming a living god, eat some mushrooms, drop some acid, evoke a diety to guide you so you dont have a bad trip or whatever.

Theres so much more i could elaborate on this so please feel free to ask questions. :metal: Hail Lucifer and all the infernal empire!


To summerize what i got out of this is basically, to not worry about a damn thing, because its all just for the evolution of this source, which is also us, therefore pain, suffering, death dosent matter. All just is. Everythings a lesson. Learning experiences for our temporary bodies, but also learning experiences for our permanent source.


Also a side note. Shamanism is important to remind us were we came from and what direction to go. Dedicate, study, practice😉


You do you, but I worry for you.

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Just stating the obvious but someone truly initiated into Shamanism wouldn’t have your addictions, at least not anymore. This is something you have to work on like you said. Start from there.

PS: not judging anyone.


Well, everything back in the day came from nature and they probably knew the source of their drugs. Getting high actually meant something.

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Ive had mushrooms and acid laying around (not tbat good good but you know) and been wondering if its something that i could use to evoke with. this is awesome, thanks so much for sharing!

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It works but some people have a hard time shutting it off. Take care.

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@Aprentiz I havent been doing any pills. I take kratom and smoke weed most days. Thats really all ive been doing. I feel healther than i have in years. The coke was just for a fun weekend with some friends, plus coke isnt a big deal to me, its a really mild drug in my eyes (some people are out of control with it, i get it) i average using coke once or twice a year, never done it more than that. I actually offered a small amount to Lucifer because he asked me to. Im way healthier than i was, I dont even recognize myself on my pic on here.

I believe in freedom. Aliester Crowley did lots of coke and heroin, to aid him in his works. He also said “do what thou wilt”.

Im at a point now where i dont care to do any hard shit for a while, however im not going to deny myself a good time if i feel like it on a rare occasion. Not a big deal to me being that it used to be a daily thing thay controlled me. I dont feel out of control at all.

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@Vyriz i agree with you, and didnt mean that i personally am initiated in shamanism, my dad is tho, i have an ex girlfriend that is. They both taught me a lot in my late teens, early 20s. Doing the acid just reminded me why its important on a deeper level.

Thanks for sharing!

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Sounds like an amazing experience, now that a little time has passed, how do you feel?

@Sycorax doing great, been accomplishing a lot and growing magickally. Life keeps getting better. Lucifer has been an amazing mentor. Hes really taught me a lot and is still helping me progress. Its been badass.