Lucifer and Light

I’ve done a lot of reading on the RHP / light vs. the LHP / dark. I was on the RHP for a number of years, took it to its natural conclusion of total union and non-attachment, and was not fulfilled at all.

So over the last 4 years I’ve progressively come more to the side of darkness. The ideals of darkness resonate far more with me.

But here’s where my question comes in:

Lucifer is said to be the bringer of light. I know of course that this light is not the same as I’ve experienced in the past, so I wish to know, what light does he bring?

I’ve heard the phrase “false light” before, so perhaps the light of the RHP is “false light” and the light of Lucifer is real.

Perhaps it’s the light of knowledge.

I tend to overthink these things, but I’d appreciate any perspectives.


It’s the light of creation. You can call it good light or any other name you may have for it.


Light as in “enlightenment”. Darkness by comparison is ignorance, delusion, and self destruction i.e. that which isn’t beneficial to you.

The “darkness” magicians describe is the yin or eastern philosophy. Qualities of oneself that we try to lock away and avoid because we have been programmed to do so.

That’s my interpretation of it at least.


Hmm, that’s good indeed!

The bringer of light Lord Lucifer is indeed knowledge personified and that knowledge is divine. Keep in mind that during the middle ages and even into the Renaissance 90% of the population in Europe was illiterate. Only the nobility and the clergy could read and write. Knowledge was considered something to be feared especially in the hands of your opponents.

Knowledge is considered by some as property of the gods, and any problems that arise with it arise because that divine quality has been given to humanity to learn who with some have a difficult time using knowledge correctly. It is on
humanity to learn how to use that gift…


@DemonMonk Thanks, that makes a lot of sense and matches my own experience. So there’s sort of several definitions of light/dark, depending on the context. :slight_smile:

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Perfect description in my opinion

Lucifer brings the light of the dark sun (whose power is embodied in Venus: the morning star) Like wise as enlightener the dark light he sheds illuminates that within ourselves we prefer not to see. Thus Lucifer brings a dark enlightenment which is the only true enlightenment. For it is only in confronting and embracing our shadow that we can truly become.


Well he is the Sun God, Prometheus, Divine.

So you cannot label it to dark or light. Because it’s all. Say if you need a healing. If that light touches you will be healed/cured in a way you instantly feel better.


And another thing is, he is still an Angel or Archangel (yes with dark and light side). They are beings of light. I think we people need to think outside of the box for a while. We keep on labeling RHP, LHP. Light, dark. While they in my opinion still work together.

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@Warlock Nice.

For me it’s not about RHP = light and LHP = dark. It’s actually more like RHP = light and LHP = light and dark. Lucifer has a light and dark side, as do all humans. LHP embraces duality and so has a greater power and dimension, much more uses and practicality and understanding of true reality than RHP does.


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These pictures were taken from my altar. I was talking to Lucifer. I think he’s winking in second picture.:smile::wink: tell me how these photos resonate with you all.
I’m curious. The moon was 99.9% the date 12/222018 time 306am perhaps this will give you some insight.

Notice the ark of the covenant.I use it to burn incense to Baphomet. I love :gift_heart:blasphemy!

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