Lucifer & Amaymon in my Dream...Thoughts?

I remember snatches of scenes lightly

I remember being in my bed between my first and second alarm (20 min bc it was a rough night)

In this one dream scene I was sort of laying across Stephen’s lap, and he put his hand over my head and began chanting

I know I for sure heard Amaymon by name, but I can’t recall what else. Maybe Paimon. I am certain I heard names and words of something happening.

Registering that was enough to make me stop asking what stephen was doing and realize it wasn’t him

I said yes Lucifer twice and kinda fell back limp with the hand still on my head

I’m not sure why Lucifer, but it felt like he was putting something on me but not bad…like a protection, a marking, a registration almost? There is a weird fading image of Luc with horns sort of phantom over Stephen’s body. It was surreal. Stephen is asleep still.

It felt like Lucifer but much…angrier, but on my behalf. Researching Amaymon today, but I would love any input!


Lucifer-Amaymon are believed to be the same entity.


I saw that after a bit of research, and meditation confirmed.
Shit, it’s actually a lovely confirmation that you commented! When I started working with Lucifer I was led to your thread for deep connection. Thank you very much!

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Thanks for sharing!