Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him

I would recommend Dantalion, when it comes to love.

Thank you for clarifying. That’s why I came here and asked because I wanted to be 100% sure. I do NOT want to anger ANY demons. I highly respect them.


Yes Lucifer and Satan are different entities, Satan was a name branded onto so many entities.
Many have said Bael, Asmodeus and various other demons are in fact Satan.

There are two Satan’s from my perspective, there is what I would call the modern Satan.

A thought form manifested from movies, music and general media. From religious fears and the followers of the JCI funneling their views into this one astral structure. Modern satanism didn’t really help with this either, causing confusion and mixing and matching various mechanics to a machine they were creating and called it Satan.

Then we have the ancient Satan, which is the adversary. This entity is complicated one, he is the spirit of revolution and of chaos.
The ancient god Yam is I would say the original Satan. He is the god of the seas in the Canaanite pantheon. Yam is the deity of the primordial chaos, for his domain is the abyss the dark bottom of the seas. Which the Bible refers to as the abyss, the pit etc.

Working with Satan he would teach you various things like the negative and positive powers of the element water. Dark Aquarian magick, the gnosis of the serpentine path and more so.

However I would say Satan is the emissary of that one sided darkness. Which is why I haven’t worked with him all that much.

Lucifer on the other hand, is the right hand of light. The light force, the force of the celestials, the angelic, life, creation, order. Then Lucifer has the left hand of darkness. The darkness, the infernal force, the demonic, death, destruction, chaos.

Becoming the beacon of both darkness and light, creation and destruction, order and chaos, is very valuable.

So becoming powerful in you’re magical development can be done with both these beings. However my recommendation would be Lucifer.



Hi Faith. In all honesty, I feel that it depends on whom it is working with Lucifer. He might not ask the same offerings from everyone. I hope this is able to help. My advice - ask him, talk to him like a friend, and ask what his favorite incense he would like you to offer him. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your studies.


Can you message me?

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Sorry I just did. I thought I did before but apparently it didn’t work

I’m quite new to all of this so my question is how do you offer something? For example if you offer an incense would you burn it or do you leave it unburnt? Also do you tell him I offer you this or is it just kind of applied that’s what you’re offering? Thank you so much in advance!

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What I do specifically is focus on Lucifer and his presence. I then burn the incense and say something poetic for example.

“Praise Lucifer
The Dark and The Light,
I burn this incense in you’re
Smoke and flame coalesce
Which I now do offer.”


This is probably a really elementary question: You say you have “evoked him a few times successfully” but haven’t been able to “invoke” him.

Can you tell me the difference between EVOKING him and INVOKING him?

Invocation v. Evocation here you have it

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@Thomas_Casari I would burn the incense so he can enjoy the smell. You can tell him, or you don’t have to, cuz he’ll know.

I would recommend burning the incense. It would be seen as if you’re honoring Lucifer. When I offer candles? I burn them.

Good luck, Thomas.


very nice alter

Can u help me connect and evoke lucifer please?? I have tried for days on end, mediated, used chants, drew my own sigil and slept with it, all I have is restless nights


what happen why do you have restless nights

Not sure, can’t seem to fall asleep and when I do it’s not for long, keep waking up exhausting

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Might be a silly question. What if I offer myself and my life in service to my King Lucifer?

Thank you for all you do for all us Connor! :slight_smile:

Well, I know that question was not posed to me but that goes against everything Lucifer stands for. He does not want you in servitude or to be worshipped in any way. He wants exactly the opposite for you.
Working with him you will will come to realize this soon enough.

A little research will benefit you greatly, and by all means recognize him, honor and respect him as you would a mother or father. Learn from him for he can offer you much and will be by your side always if you want him to be. But do not get trapped by the whole worshipping thing that humans often do because I feel that’s where you’re at.


Thank you, Aprentiz. I’m still researching, and the more I research, the more I realize I still have much to learn. Thank you for setting me straight. I appreciate your guidance and counsel, as I have just started less than a month ago. I know it’s a silly question, but I would rather embarrass myself on here than to do a ritual with him and really mess up in his presence. That would be bad.

Right now in my research I am reading, “Apotheosis”, by Michael W. Ford, and I am also reading, “The Grimoire of Lucifer Amaymon”, by E.A. Koetting. I am still watching the pathworking series on Lucifer Amaymon on here too. I am also reading, “Rites of Lucifer”, by Asenath Mason and Reverend Duvendack. I am learning the overall objective on this path is to reach godhood, and to be more and more self-reliant; therefore, in order to do that, I must seek out challenges that can really push me to my limits to see where they are. Then come out on the other side (hopefully) with increased fortitude, mental will, and the experience to do better next time, which is wisdom. I also must be responsible for what I do, take ruthless self-examination and accountability for myself and my actions, and apply that wisdom for something that can increase my inner strength to act on worthwhile short and long-term goals in order to further my ascent, while also helping others who help themselves. I also booked a consultation with a magician, and he was kind enough to give me some of his time. I’m discovering I have so much to learn.

Thank you