Lucifer- a beginners consultation

Today was my first consultation with Lucifer. And hopefully not the last. I am calling it a consultation, because as a very hectic Newbie, I believe he spoke to me more as a courtesy and a confirmation. I could feel his call throughout the day, and as I lack the telepathic skills to fully grasp what he was saying, I used the 4 coins divination as a means of confirmation. Although I can honestly say that I felt the answer at the same time it was confirmed through the coins.

Yesterday, I cast a few will binding spells in his name, and felt the urge that I should wrap all the spells.together and consecrate them to him.
Today, he confirmed that all the spells I cast would be brought to fruition. He also confirmed the time frame, and two additional will- binding spells that I could perform using the same spell.
The only spell he would not confirm( the answer was a little iffy) is the one I did almost as an afterthought after consecrating the rest- although he did not say that it would not work. He just did not confirm that it would.
I had done a freezer spell earlier in the week which he told me to undo, but confirmed that the other was ok. I assume again that this spell was in conflict to the work I had asked in his name. He was also non- commital on a sour jar spell I had done. Again, not denying that it would work, but not confirming either.

There was after the consultation a moment when I felt a little confused, where I believe he wanted me to do something, although earlier he had confirmed that no offer was necessary for today’s meet. When I asked if I could end the consultation, I received a vehement no. I feel that he was a bit dissappointed that I didnt know how to end the meet properly. I apologise for this greatly and will remedy the situation before tonight is done.

I would like to share some of the definite no’s:
I was not allowed to re - ask a question.
I was however allowed to rephrase for clarity and given very clear responses.
When I asked him if he would teach me the answer was also no, although he did confirm two entities I could work with. He did however promise to protect and take care of me.
On a topic of his request to me he would not elaborate and I feel he expects me to figure it out for myself.

He would not end the consult before I confirmed my acceptance of him and his guidance. This took me some time and many questions to figure out.

So here on the forum, I would like to thank you Lord Lucifer for the guidance and protection and care you have bestowed on me, and again want to confirm my acceptance of You.


So you want to keep on working with him and you want to talk to him again probably? :slight_smile:

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Most definitely on both counts. I have serious trust issues and felt completely safe with him. I will however do as instructed and ask for guidance from the demons suggested first, but I do look forward to growing now more than ever. For the first time in forever I feel self confident and at peace with myself.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing!

Just a quick update. Since my last post, Lord Lucifer has agreed to be my mentor and I am enjoying his presence and guidance immensely. Its like having a friend around all the time😁. I have asked permission to use his sigil for my profile. Have a great day all. Chat soon😁