Lucid dreaming?

Just want to share what i experienced last night. After evoking Bune and offering some blood, went to lay down in bed, still watching tv i felt asleep.At one moment i saw myself sitting on bed watching tv see everything in the room including the cat where she is and position is she sleeping .I thought i don,t have to watch tv I need to go back to sleep.Still seeing my body in the position i was sleeping, had the feeling i am detaching from my body and I got very scared. I screamed my grandfather(died 30 years ago) for help and I woke up in that moment. Any opinion?

I once did, but shouted didn’t scream, hehe… You’ve just had a soul projection, as they term it, in the sense that you had been on a watchers view. And followed by the supposed astral projection where it is accompanied by the feeling of detatchment or separation. Maybe it’s the way the being must have connected to you but your fear ended the process. So, it’s good if you do it again and there’s nothing to worry about it. Forget the fear, it’s just a reaction. keep going!

Normal emotional reaction to visionary or out of body experience like Arann says keep practicing, let it happen and focus on relaxing and observing rather than getting trapped in an emotional response.

It happened again. A dream in a dream, but I were aware of what is happening.Sleeping ( but not sleeping) I have been detaching from my body through my head, with my whole body vibrating and buzzing in a white gold fog . I said in that moment :this energy is too strong for me I am a beginner , I am in the beginning, I can,t hold it.I saw a tiny split in the fog and a voice of man tried to tell me something and heard it like you turn on the volume from mute to loud and again from mute to loud.I said again I can, t hold that energy and went back in my body ,still sleeping. After a short while it happened again in the same way. This time many voices all at once have tried to tell me something and sounded female voices.I said again I can,t hold that energy almost crying and I woke up.
Any opinion and advice? Thank you

You don’t have to hold the energy. The buzzing and vibrating is the sign that you are about to leave your body. Go with it, will yourself to leave and have some fun exploring the Astral. I envy you, I’ve been trying to project on and off for years. Only once have I experienced the buzzing, vibration and the sound like a freight train. I didn’t know at the time what it meant.

Wow , I can,t beleive ! This means I am progressing pretty fast. I haven,t even practiced this, not even for once. I hope my evocations to get results as quick as this.
Thanks for the answer!

I also had a similar dream after trying to evoke Bune. Believe me it was not pleasant. In my dream I saw myself sleeping. It was all misty and creepy. Then I saw a cloaked man/bat flying around.

It happened again last night. This time that yellow fog had a shape of a spinning swirl , from this swirl appeared capital letters in black and also the signs of the playing cards (hearts, clovers). Any ideas ? thank you

The suits in a deck of playing cards come from the Tarot. Hearts = Cups, Clubs (clovers) = Wands, Diamonds = Pentacles and Spades = Swords. Did you write down, or do you remember the letter/suit combinations? There may be something in there for you.

First appeared the capital letters. I remember :O,P,T,then M maybe N, but the most J appeared bigger and mostly than the other letters. Then appeared spades and clubs one each of them;I remember vaguely the spade was an ace.