Lucid Dreaming

I have been trying to figure out LD for a long time and just wondering anybody on here would give some tips toward inducing it i would appreciate it

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Keep a journal, write down as many details as you can about the dream. Color scheme, scents, storyline, sensations, flora and fawna, literally everything. If you can draw that would be great too. Start doing reality checks quite often and if you look around the web there is a book called advanced lucid dreaming and the power of supplements. This goes into how certqin substances(mostly vitamins) can effect the dream and why… the author claims to have 3 or more LD’s a week. so it’s at least worth investigating.

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The vitamin stuff works. I plan to write a longer post about it but that takes time.
English isn’t my native language and i don’t plan on wrighting BS…
Short form: Try Vitamin B6 and B12 they will aid the Dream recall up to 30 min after wakeup.

Look at the Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD or mind awake/body asleep) method. I’ve found it to not only be more vivid and able to remember more but easier to do than try to do it from a sleeping state as I rarely can remember my dreams.


doing RC doesn’t help having LD

check some LD forums, you have plenty over the internet with very useful infos