Lucid dreaming with guayusa tea

Hey guys , I haven’t been here for a while but I’m hoping ye can help me with something once again. So I’ve been practicing lucid dreaming and astral projection with varying success. I can lucid dream but the dreams are always really fragile and hard to accomplish much before I wake up. I’ve already got useful advice here to help with this prob.
Anyway I watch a lot of videos by Nick Dutch , he’s a professional Tarot reader and seems to be quite an accomplished magician and student of the occult. I enjoy his logical no guff approach. So I came across several videos of his recently on the subject of guayusa tea. It’s known as the lucid dreaming tea. He says the particular mix of chemicals in it means that the high caffeine content balanced with the other ingredients allows one to enter that state where you remain conscious while your body falls asleep , which is the state you need to reach to astral project and also allows you to become fully conscious during a dream. Basically the mix of chemicals allows your mind to stay awake without keeping your body awake.
The idea is that if you want to astral project you take a very small, weak cup right before bed and it extends the hypnagogic state for longer than usual and can allow you to enter sleep paralysis and so astral project. To lucid dream you make a much stronger dose and keep it beside your bed. You set your alarm for about 4 hours after you go to bed then when you wake up , down it and fall straight back to sleep. The tea then kicks in and you become fully conscious in the dream with no danger of waking up. I’ve watched several different peoples videos talking about its effectiveness aiding lucid dreaming and they all gave glowing reports.
So I purchased a 50g bag online. It came last week & I tried to lucid dream with it , using the above method and holy shit , wow did it work. I woke up at 2am, downed it , fell back asleep and a few minutes later became fully conscious in my dream. I’ve been having lucid dreams for ages and none have ever been like this. The dream was sooo solid. Honestly , it actually felt more real than real life and that’s not an exaggeration.
Anyway , the problem is it hasn’t worked since. I’ve tried it every night since and nothing. I’m going to try later again tonight but use a much larger , stronger dose. I’ve only seen positive results online and I know from my own experience that the stuff works. It’s so disappointing after such a great initial success. After the second nights failure I figured you probably just couldn’t do it two nights in a row simply because the conscious mind needed to rest the next night but that doesn’t explain the rest of the failures. My only other guess is that you build up a tolerance to it and if you don’t take a long enough break in between doses then you’ll need to up the dose to get the effect. I haven’t been able to find anything about this problem online myself. Does anyone have any experience with this tea that can give me some pointers on say how regularly you can use it before it temporarily loses it’s efficacy. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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What site did you buy this from? I want to try it myself. I believe it’s like any substance you will always be chasing the dragon and so I think take a break and next time up the dose just a little. It could also be depleting certain chemicals similar to the way ecstacy depletes many brain chemicals causing depression the next day etc. So a good break is probably in order and then try again.

I tried that once and it didn’t do anything for me, but maybe you can get the effect back if you cut out all other forms of caffiene, and things like tea & chocolate which have various other chemicals like that?

It sounds like you got a higher tolerance for the tea, the second time you used it. Raising the dosage wont do much, because the tolerance raises too. Even if you’re eager to experience a successful lucid dreaming session with it, I suggest that you wait a week to get rid of the chemicals in your body, hence lowering your tolerance for the chemicals in the tea.

It’s just like alcohol or cigarettes, because the more you use it, the less it gives an immediate effect like the very first time. It’s biology at it’s core.

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Yeah I’d say I just need to take a break for a few days. I took a strong dose last night and had a partially lucid dream so I’d say it’s def just a tolerance thing cause I’ve seen several you tubers I respect say it’s great for lucid dreaming and as I said that first night was incredible. Ok thanks all :slight_smile: