Lucid dreaming using plants

Hi. Wasn’t sure which topic to put this under, so mods please move if necessary.

I’ve always had trouble mastering lucid dreaming. I sleep really hard and when I do remember my dreams, I always wish I could explore more of the strange territories I sometimes find myself in.

I just ordered some Mexican dream herb from Etsy, which is supposed to aid in one’s ability to control their dreams. It’s also purported to be mildly hallucinogenic.

Anyone ever have experience using this? I’m a bit reluctant to alter my mind, but at the same time, I’m starting to believe that it’s necessary to master some things. I might also use this plant with scrying.

I haven’t tried it myself, but looking at the Erowid Vaults, it’s pretty mixed. Some people have amazing experiences and some it doesn’t work. I usually use Erowid to get a baseline on Entheogens before I try them.

I’ve never used that herb in specific, however, I love using mugwort for astral projection and lucid dreaming. It almost always works. You can put it in a tea, or you can roll it up in some paper if you know what I mean.

Keep in mind with mugwort it’s hazardous to ingest if you’re pregnant and (if you have one) it can affect your menstrual cycle. Checking medical disclaimers is really important (as I’m sure you know).

i love the name btw lol

I’ve used it some years ago, and can attest to it’s efficacy.

I don’t recall it being hallucinogenic though (unless that’s referring to how vivid your dreams will be).

It however, tastes godawful (think really strong aspirin taste)

You’ll want to put it in some capsules to make ingestion easier.

As victory mentioned there’s mugwort, but some of my best results have come from Valerian root.