Lucid dreaming static, was I close?

Called in my guides. I tried to get to lucid dreaming State. I kept thinking hypnagogic thoughts and I am almost positive I fell asleep and woke back up.

I was sweaty, I was cold, and I really couldn’t move. I mean, I could, but I didn’t want to considering what I was trying to I was told very plainly to let go of everything and focus entirely on sleep.

so I focused the entire universe on sleep, I sort of imagine that it was all focusing on sleep. And it worked. I felt the static veil come over me, a static I can still feel.I managed to hypnotize myself, at least in that frame of time, to put myself back in that place whenever I want to. And you know what’s crazy? It works. I have somewhat of a back door into lucid dreaming if I’m right

problem is, as this static got so intense in the world around me went cold, my heart started to beat faster.

They said the irregular breathing was fine for the time. To just keep focusing.

Evidently, they advise on me giving up for now.

We’re in better circumstances, I probably would have gotten way closer. Still, I’m not quite sure what just happened. I weird as hell

Do we actually know what this was? What that static was?