Lucid Dreaming meeting your Elven Guide

I have a lucid dream today, as I slept most of the day today, listening to my elven guided meditation via YouTube. Anyway during my lucid dreaming, I were somewhere that look like a forest, though I didn’t really get a good look at my surrounding, though I should tell that l I weren’t in a city, town, or villages, but i did see a figure, or being in front of me. She look very elven like, very angelic, gorgeous face, warmth energies about her, she look like a high elven elf, with white long hair, and light skinned. Here a picture of what she looked like in my lucid dream, when meeting her.

Thing with guided meditations that say “meet your (insert race) guide” is that it frontloads you into thinking you have a guide of that race so in turn you pretty much create it in your own mind. If you want to meet a legitimate guide through guided meditation you’re better off using a guided meditation that does not include a specific race of being.


Really is that how that work?

Those videos basically frontload you yes, when working with guided meditation they need to general and not catered to a specific race.

oh ok thanks