Lucid dreaming for astral travel?

Hey all.
I heard and read that lucid dreaming can be a beginning to astral travel.
I would try to dream consciously with autosuggestions.

What are your experiences?
If you are able to travel on the astral planes, how did you?


There’s an ongoing debate about are Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection the same or different. And while there are clear aspects that shows that Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection are different in actual experience but they both have in common one important factor. Both Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection involve Conscious Transference… meaning being consciously aware of the experience. I know that seems like counter-intuitive or maybe a “no-brainer” to some but that important fact shows the say metaphysical phenomenon is at work in both nonordinary states of reality. Also that’s why a person can switch from one phase lucid dreaming to astral projection or vice versa.



*I do not claim this to be the “Truth” just the steps I followed
Lucid dreaming is another term for astral projection to some people, or it can be different to others. For this tutorial I’ll use them interchangeably.
*Astral projection is relocation of consciousness from the “Waking world” to to the “Dream world”
*I’m not claiming to know all of it so if I’m wrong or you disagree I’d love to hear feedback.

-Astral projection can lead to possession, psychosis, malicious hauntings, coma-like state, and physical/emotional/spiritual “illnesses”

The astral plane is the plane that many of the entities strong or weak reside mostly in. There are friendly, neutral, and hostile spirits in the astral. Higher entities can also reside there. The astral most often visited while asleep.


When first beginning to astral project/lucid dream, it is paramount that you are in a calm and quiet place to sleep.

Get comfortable and into the place/position that you can easily fall asleep.

Pick an item or action of an item that will notify you when you are in a dream. Example, a red ball bouncing, a bird flying by you, a cup tipping over, ect.

Focus on you breathing, clear your mind and focus purely on your breathing. Once in your position cease movement, ignore itches or urges to move. Inhale… exhale… inhale… exhale all while focusing on your breathing. Once focused on your breathing, picture a dot on your forehead between you eyes, the spot right above the end of the bridge your nose.

Every few minutes slightly move your dominant hand’s index finger, but do not focus on it too much. Example slightly twitch it.

Be on the look out for the sign that you have chosen, To alert you that you are lucid dreaming.

Migration from lucid dreams to the Astral plane can be done on purpose or totally by accident.
Example- walking around your house you could leave one room and then suddenly be in the Astral Plane.

*Do not pick ridiculous actions as a sign that you are lucid dreaming such as godzilla destroying a city, jesus being resurrected, or someone you know approaching you.
*This process can take long training to accomplish or it can happen quickly depending on the sensitivity level of the practitioner.
*Intial lucid dreams most likely will short and uneventful.


All day awareness and reality checks is what I did to become what i’d consider to be advanced at lucid dreaming. Once I started practicing to astral project I did feel like lucid dreaming helped but it could’ve just been because of practicing meditation, focusing in my dreams to stay lucid, ADA or a combination of all three? I do not go astral through lucid dreaming as many do, I prefer not too but to your question I think yes, it will be beneficial so keep at it, regardless if it directly impacts your goal or not.

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For me personally after doing this for a number of years at first by accident and then gained control, which started from lucid dreaming then I would Be on the Astro plain with the help of spirit,
A previous partner always said it freaked him out he said he could tell I wasn’t there.

if I am struggling to meditate beforehand or I know my mind is over thinking, I will use lucid dreaming as an access point it just works for me.
I will use an silent alarm and wake myself enough that I am completely relaxed but my mind can chant a mind, body and soul link spell I was taught and have an alert object if I go back to lucid dreaming,
I also have a clear mind as to where I want to go or who I want to see, last night I used this and as I came up to the Astro plain in the distance there where 3 bright light beings/spirits so I knew I had got there but instead of approaching them I focused on what and where I needed to go
Then called for a Pacific Spirit/demon/guide to help me complete my task.
Sometimes they are waiting there.
Remember asking for help means they may take you somewhere else so always use someone who you work with regularly and trust if your going to call on them.
If I call on them once there it tends to move quite quick.
If using this method I always make sure I am fully conscious before going back to sleep I even get up.
This is how I was taught and it works for me and as @Tiber said I agree there are risk to Astro projecting.
Find the way that works for you and share your experiences on the forum as I am sure other members would like to know how you get on.

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@anon35721968 @inessence
Would you please tell me the principe of leaving the physical body for a beginner step by step?
Your ways are demanded.

Do you want a step by step guide? Or like what I experience throughout the experience up to the point of leaving the body ?


@Lukjanof its a lot of trying and failing to get to the astral unless like I said in my post, you have an innate ability to do it. Are you trying to lucid dream or reach the astral plane? Reaching the astral plane without much experience can be dangerous. Then like @anon35721968 said you could try to find a “guide entity” to help you


I agree with @Tiber if your a beginner then the way of someone experienced in doing it could be dangerous, it’s took years of practice to get to where I am and at first it was done by accident, which was a scary experience if your not ready to not only see your body but entering a plain which puts you at risk and shows you many things.
What you need to ask first is what would you like to achieve?
Out off body
Lucid dreaming
Or Astro projecting or just communicating with spirit/demon/guide.
What are your expectations on the time amount of time that you would like to spend astro projecting at the beginning it may be seconds or minutes only, The Length of time I spend now is form experience and practice.


@Tiber I am trying to get into the astral plane.
I just have no plan how to do it by meditation.
I need that plan.
I want to achieve the out off body exp.

When trying to astral project I try to imagine myself lying counterpart to me. It’s hard.

I need a clear way to learn to get out of my body.
How do you experience the point of leaving the body?

The easiest way to do it is to research it heavily, read multiple guides and find the way that works for you. If one guide doesnt work try another one and so on. You will do it most likely when you are lucid dreaming and the first time will be most likely be accidently.

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I would do what tiber said and just find a method you like the most and works well for you. As anyone who hasn’t practiced AP you do need to troubleshoot a lot of different methods before you find one that works for you. The method to leave is quite simple , yet hard to complete.

This is what I do, I lay still on my bed eyes shut with blind fold on, I just begin relaxing simple meditation stuff for first few minutes than like focusing on my breath, after that I begin to draw all my attention to the centre of my forehead and focus on that, eventually my body becomes heavier and heavier, and I start going through different kinds of things, starts with the heavy body can’t move, flashing lights, sounds, the final step for me is the intense shaking of my body as if a giant was literally shaking me around (lucky it’s only my body that’s feels like this and not my head) and then after that finishes I’ll stay still for a few minutes longer and use the roll out of bed techqnieu to leave my body and that’s it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes I don’t even get to the first stage, sometimes I get to the final stage and I can’t get out, it takes practice and patientice. Keep trying and do you’re own research, to find what you like the most.

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The only way I was able to astral travel was through a ludic dream.
This may sound a bit unusual but I was reading about this on some forum 10 years ago and it worked.
I still can’t achieve astral travel through meditation or such, but when I first tried this method it was successful.
So, you awake in a dream (that comes naturally to me) and visualise or create a big empty space in front of you. I created an empty factory hall. You run forward, stop and turn 360 degrees clockwise. The moment I stopped turning I found myself awake, lying in my bed, but my body was still asleep. You may hear loud machine-like noises and that’s your subtle body exiting your physical body. You then have several options to exit. You can picture a rope above you and climb out of your body, or you could just roll over on the floor.

In my humble opinion, you can not be unsure if you are lucid dreaming or astral travelling, it’s a completely different feeling, astral feels more real to me.

I know this method sounds weird, like you’re playing a video game or something, but if lucid dreams occur naturally to you, it costs you nothing to try.


I am still trying to have lucid dreams.
How do you induce them?
I tried with autosuggestions but untill now it doesn’t work.

I really don’t know. It comes to me naturally, but rarely nowadays. It was easier when I was younger but later I went through depression and stuff so my senses are a bit numb.

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Practice All Day Awareness and do your reality checks everyday (alot of them). You’ll be able to within a month.

I just tried this when I went down for a nap. Works!
Thankyou so much!!!