Lucid dream, spell from King Asmodeus

During a brief lucid dream, King Asmodeus came to me and gave me a spell to work. I am to write the two names on paper, with a heart and cross between the names, rip it in half, and leave or bury it under a plant of power. Which action, leave or bury, was not quite clear, and I have no idea what this plant of power might be. Any help on this one?


I don’t even know what this spell is for. I was under the impression our work was nearly complete, with nothing to be added.

Are you sure it wasn’t just a dream then? Sometimes a dream is just a dream. And if you don’t know what this spell was for in your dream and the instructions are too vague to follow it is probably just a dream.


Plant of power just sounds like an herb that would be good for whatever purpose the spell would be for.
And I’d bury it.

And even if it is just a dream you can always take inspiration from it and see if it works for something you’re wanting to do. Seems like a decent Template for a break-up spell if you put enough umph behind it :person_shrugging:


Thanks. I have been working on a break-up with King Asmodeus, and have already performed spellwork. I guess I just didn’t expect there would be more spellwork to do. Thanks for your suggestions, as well. I believe I will follow them. Seems to make the most sense.

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Good luck.

Edit: bury it with a toxic herb with the intent of " poisoning the relationship" . Loads of poisonous plants. Should be something close to you.


Im just now getting into lucid dreaming, was this a self induced lucid dream or sporadic?

Well, the first part was sporadic. Then I awoke and went back under to induce the rest. It was a very brief session, lasting less than 40 min. real time.

I guess I should mention I went back under because all I got in the first part was Asmodeus grumbling “plant of power”.

Potentilla erecta Raeusch maybe?
Power in latin is “Potentia” thats the plant with a related name to “power”