Lucid dream spell casting what happened!

So I was doing some spell work and new I needed to rest,
I had a spell (dark candle magic) I wanted to do when recharged but didn’t want to burn out.
So I went to bed and during a lucid dream I cast the spell I wanted to do, the intended person showed up and went to touch the spell and I reached in to protect it.
Then I noticed I was no longer lucid dreaming, my trigger object had gone.
I was taken to Morocco (I’ve never been nor had an interest in) and there was a lady with brown hair at a table doing a reading she told me who I was and my date of birth, she had runes in her hands but one stood out as it looked like a sigil on it, and I could sense another being talking to her, she told me hasn’t he told you he’s told us we’re here to serve you.
She didn’t seem too impressed, then I was in front of an apple tree, then time changed (to the past) and I saw a male with blonde curly hair who I know on some level not the physical plain who held my hand and said we’ve always been and always will be connected. Then I came back to my body. I was so drained from this episode as the Astro travel seems to be stepping up a level and is lasting longer.
This is the second time I’ve seen this being this way and wondered if anyone could help unpick this also why the being with the runes was not happy.
How or if I offended her I guess is my question , I’ve never worked with female demons before, or any female beings that serve another, the only females are ancestors and goddess but I didn’t know this lady.
If you can pick up anything that would be very helpful or if you know who she maybe please share.
It’s got me thinking :thinking:


You are searching for a magical solution and will find that your new magical self will begin to come more to the forefront.

The Fortune Teller telling you about your past and potential future, this is your guide in disguise explaining to you something important that you need to know, I am here to serve you and increase your knowledge.

When one dreams of an occult practice, the mind is trying to work out a problem, while your guides are trying to finally get through as you might not have been receptive. The lesson is to allow this new found enlightenment to happen so one can be open to all of the spiritual energies without doubt or being cynical.

The apple tree or tree of knowledge is being presented to you by a blonde man (Lucifer) who has always known humanity. That is who is sending the message.


Thank you, that really helped and made sense.
I had a moment we all do and I doubted myself and my abilities and who was by my side working with me,
Thank you @lawclerk


Well, you could have hardly known back then. :wink:

But good to see.

Yes, indeed a good interpretation of it, lawclerk.
Thank you for that.